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Former CO Turned Q-Anon Bro Threatens To Kill Everyone At Upcoming Plymouth Court Hearing For Probation Violation Because He Can’t See Daughter After Beating Up Ex-GF And Her Son


This is Joshua Ford from Kingston.

He’s a former corrections officer who last worked for the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office in 2018 and has since lost his marbles. He’s got a daughter with his ex-girlfriend but he lost custody of her when he was arrested and charged for trying to beat up her 12 year old son, and dragging her across their home and assaulting her when she tried to intervene. When the cops came he admitted that he physically threw them both out of the house because he was upset that it wasn’t clean.

But like most criminals in this state he got a continuance without a finding for that charge.

In February of 2021 the Kington Police Department once again were called to his home after he strangled her and slammed her into a window before stealing her car and saying he was gonna drive it off a bridge.

For that charge he once against got a continuance without a finding, because apparently you can just go around choking women, stealing cars, and throwing punches at 12 year olds without landing in prison.

Meanwhile Viking man is sitting in jail for 4 years because….insurrection.

Ford has been on probation as a result of these charges, but violated when he refused to complete the program for domestic abusers. All he had to do to complete the program was admit that he had done something wrong to be in the program in the first place, which he refused to do.

At the 14:30 mark of this video in which Josh accuses his ex of trying to murder him, he claims that being forced to admit he did something wrong was like being raped.

He had an upcoming court date for this, and seems to truly believe he did no wrong. According to him the entire state is run by the mafia and they have kidnapped his child and fed her lies about him being an abuser. Before his court date for the violation he took to YouTube and posted one of the most insane rants you will ever hear which ended up getting him even more charges because he threatened to kill court officers and anyone else who got in his way at the hearing. Gets really good at around the 8:30 mark:

In summation:

  • His daughter has been lied to because he believes that her Dad beats children, even though he was arrested and charged for trying to beat a 12 year old boy and his mother
  • The mob runs our courts, police stations, Secretary of State, Senate, and the Kingston Police Department
  • His court appointed lawyer wasn’t receptive enough to the conspiracy theory YouyTube videos he sent him, therefore he is owned by the mob
  • He repeatedly says the name of the mother of his child despite having a restraining order against him
  • “They” have taken his daughter and tried to murder him, which they’ve tried to do several times before
  • When he was a CO he was set up by other CO’s who instigated a fight between inmates that he got injured after getting caught in the middle of it
  • Something about Sheriff James Dipaola being murdered and covered up, and the people who killed him are the same ones who are trying to kill him
  • The MSO should be lined up against the wall and shot dead
  • His court appointed attorney, DA, judge, and court officers are all fired
  • He is going to burn the courthouse down
  • Since they are trying to kill him, the dead Sheriff, his ex-girlfriend and his daughter he has no choice but to kill all the people trying to prosecute him
  • He’s gonna light fire to the clerk’s office
  • “I’m going to (expletive) break the arms and legs of every (expletive) court officer in that building,” Ford said in the video. “Get your knives. Get your (expletive) guns. Get your (expletive) gasoline and we’re going to show them. Get your (expletive) C-4. I’m going to level the (expletive) Plymouth courthouse.”
  • They had better bring an army and SWAT team to stop him
  • He’s going to put their skulls in a decorative fruit bowl on his dining room table
  • If he dies then he died for his family and made his father proud, but will take down as many people as he can with him

So that didn’t go over well, and he ended up picking up even more charges, including threatening to incite a riot.

I don’t think that’s going to help him get his kid back. Just sayin. Probably should’ve just gone to the class.

Don’t worry, once he gets another CWOF he will finally learn his lesson and start obeying the law.

Despite Josh’s clear issues with mental health, his proclivity for violence, and his history of hitting women and children, he still manages to have a girlfriend named Nelia Costa, who appears to be some sort of gypsy store owner in Rhode Island.

But how many people reading this right now can’t get a text back?

Anyway, if you have time to go down the rabbit hole of his YouTube channel, I’d highly recommend it. He appears to be some sort of Q-Anon bro, which makes him the first person I’ve ever seen that actually knows what that is. He also does a whole series on how his ex is trying to kill him, as well as some romantic card reading with his gypsy girlfriend. In all seriousness, this guy is a ticking time bomb and is living proof of how unserious we are about the mental health crisis in our country. In a normal world people like this would be institutionalized, against their will if necessary, in order to protect both him and other people he comes in contact with.


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