Former High School Army Recruiter Fired For Grooming Dozens Of High School Girls Is Now A Life Coach Whose 19 Year Old Girlfriend Feeds Him With A Straw While Wearing Lingerie


It’s been almost three months since we published a story about high school army recruiter Jason Duffy of Sturbridge, after dozens of girls accused him of misconduct, ranging from inappropriate messaging to sexual assault. After the reports were published an Army representative informed us that he was discharged in September after being found guilty under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. 

Jason initially said that he was going to come on the Live Show to share his side of the story, but then backed out after police were supposedly investigating him. Nothing ever came of that, and it appears as if Jason is no longer pretending that he’s not the creepiest dude on the Internet. Yesterday he launched a YouTube channel called Jason X, in which he offers relationship advice to men at his 5-step coaching seminar. During the video a young woman with severe daddy issues bring him a drink that he sips out of a straw as she holds it in lingerie.

Find a bigger queef than this guy:

You can’t.

Apparently he expects people to pay him in order to learn how to spice up your relationship, turn a feminist submissive, or “get that 19 year old innocent girl next door.” And I for one have so many questions about this girl.

How much psychological damage has to be done to a woman to reach this point in life at such a young age? How does a human being have such little respect for themselves? What drugs do you have to be on to have this little self respect? I did notice the tattoo:

This was the story behind that tattoo:

Victim 6 says that he is preying on women at his new job, but one of the latest young girl’s he’s sleeping with got his name and a barcode tattooed on her back:

I really do not want him contacting me ever again. But I was involved with Jason briefly last year. He left army recruiting in 2020 after the pandemic started. He now works for the corporate office of UNFI, a distribution company. He’s still a creep there and used to brag to me about how when the female workers would fail their drug tests he would let them suck his dick to get rid of their positive drug screen. He also used to have a private Instagram account where he would post pictures including nudes of the girls he’s fucked.

I’m not sure if you saw his recent Instagram post from a few days ago but the 19 year old he’s fucking now (and has been for months even tho he’s 30!!!) got a tramp stamp of his name above her ass. He’s absolutely horrible and something needs to be done about it. Thank you for sharing how horrible he truly is.”

Pro tip – don’t give money to guys who can only pull emotionally damaged 19 year olds with no respect for themselves. Eventually women like this will snap out of it and look back at this phase of their life with embarrassment. Grown men should not aspire to be in relationships with 19 year old girls because they have nothing to offer you, and even less to talk about. You don’t wanna get life advice from a guy who will almost certainly die alone and unloved.

My question is, how old was he when he met this girl? Every other woman we’ve spoken to began getting messages on Snapchat and Instagram from him before they were 18. He preys on young girls who don’t know any better, and apparently he found a girl who thinks there is some sort of value in being his submissive slave girlfriend. If anyone knows who she is we’d love to speak with her, since he’s too chicken shit afraid to come on our show. If you have more information please message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook, or email [email protected].


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