Former Inmates Surprised To See Rhode Island Corrections Officer Recently Charged With Having Sex With Prisoners Is Now Working As Lyft Driver 


Collins Umoh was a Rhode Island Corrections Officer who was just arrested in May. for having sex with at least three inmates. Inmates cannot legally consent with CO’s.

Rhode Island State Police have arrested a correctional officer accused of engaging in sexual relations with several inmates. Collins Umoh, 40, faces seven felony counts for violating an ordinance that forbids sexual relations between inmates and correctional employees. Umoh allegedly had sexual relations with three different female inmates on seven different occasions, said police. Investigators say the encounters took place at the Gloria McDonald Women’s Facility at the Adult Correctional Institutions between July 2017 and August 2018. Umoh has been a correctional officer for 11 years. Police go on to say that in August 2018, Umoh was placed on paid administrative leave when allegations of the misconduct were first reported. A spokesperson with the Department of Corrections confirmed the leave, and the director said it was a high priority to keep ACI inmates protected from sexual misconduct.

You would think that being charged with sexual misconduct would make it difficult for someone like this to obtain employment while awaiting trial. But evidently Lyft doesn’t have access to Google, as a former inmate recognized him after using the ride sharing app this week.

That’s gotta be awkward.

I’ve never worked in a prison, but I have watched several seasons of Orange is the New Black, and this guy sounds a lot like Officer Pornstache based on some of the comments made by former guests of the the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.


“P***y is a hell of a drug.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

Our sources also tell us that he pursued a nursing degree and was working as an RN at a rehab place, but seems to have been fired from there after the charges came out. Looks like their Google machine isn’t broken at least. Meanwhile Lyft will let you keep driving women around, as long as you’ve only been charged with sexual misconduct but not convicted.

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