Former Lawrence High School Students Use Social Media To Demand Former Teachers “Atone For Anti-Blackness” Or Face Cancel Mob


Adrian Peguero is a graduate of Lawrence High School, who is now into theater.

He is still salty about his high school teachers, so he’s decided that it’s his job to reach out to all of them in order to “hold them accountable.” One of his teachers from Lawrence High School apparently “tried to get him suspended,” probably because he was doing something wrong. Naturally then he messaged her, demanded an apology, and couldn’t believe it when she had the audacity not to bow to him.

I think I love this woman. That might be the most perfect response you can give to a whiny nobody who condescendingly tells you that he hopes your children have matured you in the last 10 years, demands that you atone for your “anti-black sins,” and signs using his gender pronouns. What a loser.

Newsflash – if you’re still upset at a high school teacher more than a decade past your graduation, then you have no life. Lots of people didn’t like their teachers when they were 16. If you still hate them when you’re 30 you should just give up because there is no hope for you. Like these losers.

Apparently the fact that this woman refused to submit to a former student made her a racist. He couldn’t believe he was blocked and asked everyone to harass her with screenshots of his devastating post.

This woman was a teacher at Lawrence High School, by far the worst high school in the state. I couldn’t even imagine teaching there, and the people who put up with it are saints. This woman has done more for the world than this ungrateful failed actor will do in a lifetime.

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A new teacher shared her thoughts.

I can tell you from experience that new teachers are the absolute worst. They all watched Dangerous Minds, and think they’re going to “reach” the kids in ways that older teachers can’t by being their friends and letting them sit in bean bag chairs. If this Becky taught at Lawrence High School for five minutes she’d quit after they ate her up and spit her out.

Teachers are under no obligation to accept the fact that a former student wants to demean them 10 years after holding them responsible for their behavior in class. There is nothing in their contract that states that they have to partake in a discussion, which isn’t really a discussion so much as it is a lecture.

Others couldn’t believe that she wouldn’t take this opportunity to reflect and apologize for her toxic actions!

How dare she not bend the knee to this man!

Others wanted her fired from her job.

If “I love getting a bitch fired” had a face.

The beauty of being a waitress and failed actress is that you can’t get fired when you’re already at the bottom of the food chain. Who cares if this teacher has kids that rely on her salary to stay alive? A white girl on Facebook wants to have some fun ruining lives because her whiny friend feels slighted.

Another teacher from Chelmsford High chimed in to show off how he was one of the “good ones” who would “listen more than I speak as a 40 year old white male.”

Self deprecating white guilt. So hot right now.

They’re reveling in the fact that their cyberbullying drove this woman off Facebook.

Turns out Shanice Quiles is still salty because she was so incompetent that she couldn’t pass high school on the first try, and blames the teacher for not giving her an extra point.

Tough guy Steven Vazquez is happy he made her cry and called her a racist cunt. I can’t imagine why he struggled so much with high school.

I used to hear this nonsense all the time when I was teaching. You’d get on these kids all year, especially seniors, and tell them that they need to pass your class to graduate. You cared more about their grade than they did, and you reminded them that they had a 55 average which they’d need to get up before it was too late, because ultimately student failure reflects on the teacher. They’d ignore you, continue to do nothing, and then on the last week of school when everyone else was getting their graduation caps and gowns they’d come to you asking if they could do extra credit to get another point or two.

The answer from me was always a firm no, which is why a lot of kids didn’t like me. But guess what? I taught them more about life than the teacher who bailed them out with pity points. Giving you 1 point on a cumulative average is the same as giving you 4 points on your quarter grade. An extra credit assignment that you wouldn’t take seriously either isn’t going to do that for you anyway.

The bottom line is that these people suck, and they represent everything that is wrong with our culture today. Everyone feels like they’re owed something due to a past injustice, and when they demand compliance and don’t get it they use social media to shame you and demand that you be fired from your job. Good for Amanda Guthrie for refusing to play that game.


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