Former NHL Twins Chris And Peter Ferraro Yell Sexual Slurs At Opposing Coach During 12 Year Old Youth Hockey Game In Enfield


Chris and Peter Ferraro are twin brothers and former professional hockey players from the Billy Tibbetts era.

Despite being first round picks who played pro hockey for more than 30 years, neither of them played in more than 100 NHL games. However, if you ever went and saw the Worcester Ice Cats play at the Centrum in the 90’s because your church youth group got some free tickets, they were probably one of the guys on the other team.

The Ferraro brothers are in their late 40’s now and run Ferraro Brothers Hockey, a youth hockey program in Long Island whose stated goal is to make sure kids there never have to leave Long Island.

With a mission to prevent young hockey players from leaving their families on Long Island to train, prepare, and reach the next level of a hockey career elsewhere, Ferraro Brothers Hockey will provide the opportunity for players to stay right at home and receive the appropriate hockey education and training needed for an aspiring athlete.

Unfortunately they left that God forsaken island over the weekend to coach a 12 year old’s game in Enfield, CT and when a dispute broke out between them and the other coach things took a turn for the Tibbetts.

Other coach: “Shut up”

Ferraro 1: “What?”

Other coach: “I said shut up.”

Ferraro 2: “F*** you buddy.”

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Ferraro 1: “I should shut up? You should suck my d***. Suck my d***.”

Other coach: “How bout I come over there and beat your ass.”

Ferraro 2 to ref: “I’m talking to you, mind your f***ing business.”

This is one of many reasons I’ll never sign my kids up for hockey. It’s expensive, you have to travel a lot, it takes up a lot of time, you don’t get to sleep in on the weekends, and coaches do stuff like this all the time while trying to relive their Billy Tibbetts glory days. Last year around this time we blogged about a New Hampshire youth coach spitting on a ref.

The year before that it was 3 Dads from Connecticut getting kicked out of a game in Rockland for trying to fight the refs and assaulting another parent who filmed them doing it.

And the respectable parents are the ones yelling, “are you fucking kidding me” from the stands, as if being half a step away from “suck my dick” makes them the most moral person in the arena. Imagine going to your kid’s soccer game (or any other sport besides hockey) on Saturday morning and seeing this happen. Apparently this is just kind of standard behavior for youth hockey.

Meanwhile the Ferraro brothers are racking in the cash by telling the kids about the glory days when they got called up play 4th line behind Mark Messier and convincing their parents that their kids can one day grow up to be washed up vulgar dudes telling other coaches to suck their dicks in front of a bunch of 12 year olds.



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