Former Patriots Tackle Matt Light Is Running For Foxborough School Committee And The Communists Are Losing Their Minds Over It


Former Patriots tackle Matt Light is running for School Committee in Foxborough, a town where Joe Biden got 60% of the vote, and it’s driving the communists crazy. Like many parents across the country he’s motivated by the mask mandates and the effect it had on his son with Crohn’s disease.

Former New England Patriot Matt Light is running for a seat on the town school committee, saying that the pandemic made him realize “that our ability to live free and make our own decisions isn’t guaranteed.” Light, 43, who was an offensive lineman on the Patriots for 11 years until retiring in 2011, is one of two candidates looking to unseat two school board members, chairman Robert Canfield and Brent Ruter, in the May 2 annual town election. The other challenger is Joseph Pires. The incumbents consistently defended masks and other health safeguards in classrooms throughout the coronavirus pandemic. School officials lifted the mask mandate at the end of February.

Light, a town resident for two decades, has a daughter who went through the school system and three other children who are students. He and his wife Susie say that, while the mask mandate was in effect, officials ignored their concerns about the need to check their son’s face for signs of him losing oxygen, as he has a heart condition.

“It wasn’t until COVID occurred that I realized what those who came before me knew all too well; that our ability to live free and make our own decisions isn’t guaranteed,” Light wrote in a guest column to The Foxboro Reporter, The Sun Chronicle’s sister paper. “I found myself having conversation after conversation about how our ‘leaders’ were failing to do their jobs.”

Light said he couldn’t think of anything he has in common with politicians, and discounted running for state or national office.

“It became apparent that all of the greatest changes happen at the local level,” Light said. “The men and women who shaped our country with the freedoms we now enjoy were business owners, teachers, pastors, laborers and many others who got together to discuss the problems of the day and then put their solutions into action.”

“I actually really love the idea of working at the local level. I’m also a big fan of being part of a team and understanding my role — or as one guy used to tell me — how to ‘Do your job,’” Light added, referring to longtime Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

“We can’t continue to have leaders who surrender their own duty to lead when things get tough,” Light said. “It’s not supposed to be easy, but if we are willing to work together and tackle the difficult tasks by gathering data in an intelligent, systematic approach we can find the best solution as opposed to settling for the easy one.”

Light has said the impact the pandemic has had on children’s mental health and in other ways needs to be addressed.


Matt Light is well liked because he won 3 Super Bowls with the Patriots, but he’s also an anti-communist who doesn’t want children to be abused with masks, which makes him unpopular politically with many of these same people. He went on Sean Spicer’s show a few weeks ago to talk about his decision to run for School Committee.


Nothing he said there was remotely controversial. He spoke about how his son has Crohn’s disease, and how they need to see his lips to make sure he’s not being deprived of oxygen. He pointed out what I’ve been saying for years – local politics matters more to your life than national politics.

But because Sean Spicer briefly worked for Donald Trump it’s got the communists all hot and bothered.

Matt Light never mentioned George Soros, but he went on a show where the host did, therefore Matt Light is a bad guy. The communists reacted accordingly.

Pretty sure the people with the mask fixation are the ones trying to force it on other people’s children. The people who want their kids to be able to choose don’t care what you do to your peanut allergy soy child.

Apparently now there’s “zero tolerance” for pointing out who’s funding the Democratic party, and using words like “globalist,” because the people they’re talking about don’t like when people point that out. It’s anti-semitic or something.

So says this man.

Matt Light is also bad because he likes freedom.

“Freedom is not about doing things your way.”

Actually, that’s exactly what it’s about, Marybeth Crowley. I’m under no obligation to protect you from a virus that you’re vaccinated from anyway. The fact that people like this forced other people’s children to wear masks 7 hours a day at school for 2 years is something they should feel great shame over.

But they don’t, and therein lies the problem.

Then there was Dennis Naughton.

As you can see, he has a Ukraine profile picture, which means his sole purpose of interacting with strangers on the Internet is to show you that he’s a better person than you are.

Dennis is chair of the Foxborough Democratic Town Committee, and a bit of a boomer who can’t stop saying dumb things on the Internet that bring great shame to his family and the party at large. In 2020 he kept saying really offensive stuff about Democrats running for Joe Kennedy’s seat that he and the candidate he supported later had to apologize for, including about eventual winner Jake Auchincloss.

Dennis Naughton, head of the town’s Democratic Committee and a member of the party’s State Committee, drew fire again Friday for comments he posted on congressional candidate Jake Auchincloss’ Facebook page, disparaging Auchincloss’ military career. Naughton, who supports Jesse Mermell for Kennedy’s seat, characterized Auchincloss’ stint in the Marines, which included service in Afghanistan, as “resume building” and urged him to stop touting his military service as qualification for office.

“Please give it a rest with the military bull s…,” Naughton wrote. “I think we have all had enough of that to last a lifetime.”

Naughton also said one of the photos Auchincloss put in campaign literature looked like it was “photo-shopped.”

A week before that he got in trouble for saying that a Puerto Rican candidate wasn’t Puerto Rican enough for his taste.

In a series of YouTube comments, he wrote that Brookline attorney Ben Sigel — whose mother was born in Puerto Rico and has pitched himself as potentially the first Latino congressman from Massachusetts — “does not identify as Latinx unless convenient.” Naughton also argued that former Brookline Select Board member Jesse Mermell was “running on all the issues, not a mommy or a scientist,” an apparent dismissive reference toward fellow candidates Becky Grossman — a Newton city councilor who has centered her identity as a mother in her candidacy — and Dr. Natalia Linos, a Harvard epidemiologist.

Then again, Dennis Naughton is a white guy who often disparages members of marginalized groups for being traitors to their marginalized groups. Some brown people aren’t brown enough for him, and some women are actually the enemy of women.

As a white man he gets to make those judgement calls.

He also has a real problem with candidates who don’t want to sexualize children, because Dennis Naughton isn’t nearly creepy enough already.


Please God, make “what’s the big deal about pedophilia?” a campaign strategy for Democrats in 2022.

His wife Claire also had some strong thoughts on Matt Light’s run for office.

Claire is an elderly MTA hack who pals around with Merrie Najimy and has no kids in the public schools.

Remember, those are the people right there who closed your kid’s school for a year and then forced them to wear masks. Her son isn’t in school, but he did get married in a skirt.

If people like her don’t want Matt Light to get on the School Committee then he must be doing something right.

Finally there was this woman.

Rebecca Gove is a teacher at Oliver Ames High School in Easton. She obviously has no intention whatsoever of voting for Matt Light, but nonetheless felt like he owed her written answers to 10 questions she asked in bad faith on his campaign Facebook page.


“Why do you feel your candidacy is worth my vote?”

If he cared about people like you voting for him then he wouldn’t be worth voting for.

“What are your thoughts on saying there is a sexual, pervasive indoctrination of our elementary school children by their teacher?”

I’d say it’s pretty accurate, considering people like this 1st grade teacher in Boston are a dime a dozen.

“How would you recommend our schools show support for diversity and racial justice?”

I wouldn’t. Not because I don’t support racial justice, but because that’s a loaded question that suggests that our schools our racist, and I’m not falling your communist tricks.

Rebecca was quite upset when Light didn’t stop what he was doing and respond to her inquiry.

“I’d like his response in writing.”

Yea, nobody really cares what you want. You just don’t matter that much, Becky. Plus, there is no answer he could give that would lead you to vote for him, and this entire thing is just a way for you to screenshot something to use against him anyway. We know how people like you play these games.

Can Matt Light win in a town where the communists outnumber normal people? Will his Patriots stardom help him get votes that a conservative normally wouldn’t get? This will be an interesting race to watch, but he’s definitely got them running scared.


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