Former Social Media Coordinator For Geoff Diehl Senate Campaign Caught By Predator Poachers Trying To Meet A 14 Year Old Boy


Meet Joe Dunn from Tewksbury.

Joe is a member of the Tewksbury Republican Town Committee, and back when I was allowed on Twitter he used to retweet and interact with the TB account frequently, but I had no idea who he was. Search for “@joedunn8 @turtleboysports” in Twitter and you’ll see hundreds of tweets come up.

Although we are ideologically similar, Joe Dunn is mostly into Turtleboy because we expose social justice warriors, and I’m pretty conservative on most issues. But TB has never been an overtly political blog, as I’m more of an entertainer and a journalist, whereas people like Joe are one trick ponies, and that pony is right wing politics.


Joe Dunn was also active in Geoff Diehl’s Senate campaign agains Pocahontas in 2018, and helped run Diehl’s social media.

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He’s written letters to the editor endorsing various Republicans in state races, started an ice cream beef with the democrat who was running for Jim Lyons’ seat, and has been very active in leading the charge to repeal those God forsaken plastic bag bans, which thankfully are no longer a thing due to the commie cold crisis. I figured he was a decent guy because we were politically aligned, plus my buddy Brave Dave “Quarantine” Cullinane interacted with him on Twitter so he couldn’t be that bad.

But as it turns out Joe Dunn isn’t such a great guy because one of his hobbies is meeting up with 14 year old boys for sex. On March 30 he was one of the perps that was caught by the vigilante group Predator Poachers of Massachusetts at a Chinese takeout place on Mechanic Street in Leominster. In the video he admits wrongdoing, but attempts to talk his way out of being featured on their channel.

Ya know what the most pathetic part about that video was? This is the outfit he chooses to wear when he thinks he’s going to have sex.

He might as well take a table cloth and cut a hole in the top. I understand these guys are deviants, but shouldn’t anyone who thinks they’re going to meet up with a person for sex put a little bit of effort into their appearance? Is that too much to ask?

A 5XL Shaw’s brand polo, some navy slacks with an elastic waste to conform to the fupa, and a pair of Nutrilife walking shoes? Do the kids they have sex with have no standards? Or is he that dumb to believe that a child who is attracted to older men would for some reason choose him over all the other available pedophiles? It must be traumatic enough for some of these kids, but just imagine seeing this face dripping sweat from his fourth chin on your backside.


On second thought, he might be eating these kids.

The most pathetic part of these videos is always when they attempt to make a last ditch effort not to be put on YouTube.

“Are you really gonna get me help?”

Joe, do they look like the Puerto Rican Dr. Phil? No they’re not going to get you help, and the only reason you’re pretending to want help is because you got caught. It’s been three weeks since they bagged him and he’s still been actively posting on Twitter and Facebook, and hasn’t taken down his LinkedIn, as if this never happened.

I want to make it perfectly clear, if you are a turtle rider and you actively promote our content, I really appreciate that. However, I will hold you to higher standard than other ratchets, and I will put you on the top of the list if you engage in ratchet behavior like this. Because you know better, and one of my pet peeves will always be people who crap on people for doing crappy things i order to cover up for their own crapiness.


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