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Former Transgender Swampscott Principal Now Teaching 4th Grade Sent Bizarre Email About Changing Pronouns From They To She, Makes Kids Talk To Imaginary Teacher Ms. Hershey


Swampscott Elementary School principal Tom Daniels made headlines in February of 2018 when he announced that he was non-binary, would sometimes come to school dressed as a woman, and wanted students to refer to him as “they.”

This of course was inappropriate and confusing for young children, not only because of the identity crisis happening in front of their eyes, but also because they were forced to use grammatically incorrect pronouns or face punishment. He was lauded by the media for his alleged bravery as woke folk from all over spoke out to defend him.

However, he had already received a negative evaluation and was the subject of numerous teacher complaints. This appeared to be a way to make it more difficult for the school to not renew his contract at the end of the year.

Three weeks later he stopped coming to school, which led to a media circus as both police and reporters disrupted the learning process by sitting outside of the school during school hours.

Principal Daniels chose to do this in the middle of the school year (as opposed to waiting for the summer when they didn’t renew his contract), further confusing kids who were there to learn math, social studies, English and science. Eventually he was hired back as a classroom teacher in Swampscott.

Principal Tom Daniels changed his name to Shannon Daniels at the time, but evidently grew tired of that name too. He’s now a fourth grade teacher at Clarke Elementary School in Swampscott, and is going by a completely different made up name – Tonia Tomas, and wants new female pronouns. Except the problem is that he’s been making students refer to him as “they” for the first two months of the year. In an email he sent out to the staff (forwarded by the principal) the biologically male former principal explained to his coworkers how he’s going to adjust students to his new pronouns.

This is madness. He’s made up a fictional character named Ms. Hershey in order to transition kids away from calling him “they.” The fact that 9 year old kids are forced to participate in this man’s mid-life crisis and/or mental breakdown is an injustice. We send our children to school to learn, not to be forced into participating in this nonsense. But then again, this was never about the kids. It was always about Tom Daniels.

Another problem is that according to the agreement he reached with the school district, he said he didn’t intend on switching pronouns during the school year.

Before the start of the 2019-2020 school year, Daniels must inform the school district about the title and pronouns he chooses to use. If he chooses to change his pronoun usage during the school year, Daniels must provide two weeks’ notice to the school district and be available to discuss what communications are necessary to provide to students and parents about the change.

“While Daniels retains the right to change title and/or pronouns at any time, Daniels does not intend to switch back and forth between multiple titles and/or pronouns throughout the school year and recognizes the importance of clarity and consistency,” reads the agreement.

He recognized how confusing and distracting this is for kids this young, and he said he wouldn’t pull a shenanigan like this. Then he went and did it anyway because the needs of the kids are secondary in the Swampscott Public Schools.

I’m all for tolerance and freedom, which is why I believe people should be allowed to wear whatever they want (so long as it’s appropriate), but I draw the line when you drag our kids into it. While kids in other classrooms are learning about math and English his students will be learning about him. Because it’s all about him. Consequently their education will suffer, but that’s OK because the needs of children take a backseat to the delusions of the man tasked with teaching them. If my son were in this class I’d instruct him to refer to the teacher as Mr. Daniels and dare the school to punish him for doing so. We have freedoms too.


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