Former Youth Football Coach Caught In Child Sex Sting At Lunenburg Walmart Was Recently Arrested For Probation Violation, Threatening To Castrate Electrician Teacher


Level 3 sex offender Benjamin Brause was caught on film in a vigilante sting at the Lunenburg Walmart attempting to meet up with what he thought was a 15 year old boy for sex.

How could someone who was arrested for raping a former teen boy he coached in youth football be out of jail so quickly? He only served two and a half years in the Worcester House of Corrections after taking a plea and admitting to providing this minor with alcohol and porn before engaging in oral and anal sex with the 14 year old.

Two and a half years in the Worcester County House of Corrections is a very different experience than two and a half years in Shirley. He clearly learned nothing there and has chosen to reoffend after being given a second chance at freedom. I will say in defense of Judge Mark Noonan that he is one of the more no-nonsense judges I’ve ever dealt with, and that this sentence was likely the agreed upon punishment between the DA’s office and his defense attorney.

But wait, there’s more.

Brause currently has a summons to appear in Leominster District Court on February 28 for a probation violation because he was charged with threatening to commit a crime in November 2019.

He was a licensed electrician taking classes for a new licensure at the Peterson School in Worcester when a classmate figured out he was a Level 3 sex offender and told the teacher. Soon after that Brause lost his license, and he responded to this by mailing a letter to the teacher stating, “I  hope you Rot in Hell. You Rat Bastard. Someone Should Kill You. Maybe castrate you while you are awake.”

I would argue that it’s the grown man who rapes underage boys who should be castrated, not the whistle blowers who alert people to his presence.

This man is obviously an animal and a menace who has learned nothing. He doesn’t mind committing the same crimes that sent him to jail and put him on the sex offender registry in the first place. I would suggest that if Mr. Brause doesn’t want to be identified as a sex offender, and wants to keep his licensure, he should probably stop raping young boys.


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