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Poor Behavior

Framingham Firefighter Suspended After Making Up Story About Being Banned From Hudson Stop & Shop For Wearing American Flag Bandana


Andrew Naridni is a former marine and current firefighter for the City of Framingham.

Two weeks ago at least a dozen turtle riders sent me a Facebook post he made, claiming that the Stop & Shop in Hudson discriminated against him.

My BS detector immediately went up for a number of reasons.

  1. Even in these times, I cannot imagine a grocery store in Hudson of all places kicking a customer out for wearing a mask with the American flag on it.
  2. The story seemed like right wing red meat, intentionally designed to inflame tensions, and seemed somewhat plausible due to the social unrest created by the black lives matter movement.
  3. I don’t believe or a second that customers behind him witnessed this and then abandoned their carts in disgrace.

He was in the self check out line. That’s 15 items or less. Who uses a cart for that?

This is also the age of COVID where going to the grocery store is a whole production. I dread the grocery store now. And I don’t believe for a second that a bunch of people took time out of their day to drive down there, went through the screening process of getting into the store, walked up and down one way aisles, filled up their carts with food, and then decided to abandon all of it and go home empty handed in order to show solidarity with a complete stranger whose conversation they were all eavesdropping on. Stop & Shop could spit in this the Virgin Mary’s face and I’m still buying my groceries.

Fake hate crimes work both ways. Mostly they’re from liberals, but when you make victimization something that people should aspire to attain, people of all political persuasions will do it too. Even guys who fight for their country and run into fires want their 15 minutes. This guy was clearly going for the right wing outrage mob, and he got it.

Thots and shares.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – flag Nazis are cultists. They’re no different than the left wing outrage mobs they mock. Nothing triggers them more than thought of someone “disrespecting” a piece of cloth which was likely not even made in this country to begin with.

Human nature tells us that people will believe whatever confirms their bias. I told the dozen or so people who sent me this that I was skeptical. Normally I’d be on this guy’s side, but bullshit is still bullshit, and you have to call each case as you see is, regardless of political affiliation.

I suspected it was a lie, and when he took the post down after getting his 15 minutes of pity, I commented on his page.

I felt for the guy at first because he’s a first responder and a veteran, but at this point he’s just a douchebag and I vowed I wouldn’t forget this.

“Not a lie. Were you there. Oh that’s right you weren’t.”

That phonics abortion was followed by 3 middle finger emojis. And when you do that you’re telling me that you wanna dance with the devil, so let’s dance.

As it turns out I was right.

Andy Nardini has been suspended by the Framingham Fire Department and rightfully so. He intentionally lied about completely innocent people who have worked throughout the pandemic and don’t get paid that much money to do so. His goal was to create an outrage mob that made it even harder for them to do their job, and he succeeded.

Hey Andy, who’s “rite” now?


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