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Framingham State Cheerleader Vows Massive Lawsuit Over Blog Calling Out Fake Hate Crimes


We’re banned from Twitter because they’ve blacklisted all devices and WiFi belonging to anyone who has ever logged into any of our Twitter accounts. Which is just about everyone who has ever blogged on Turtleboy. But in order to keep a presence on the platform a turtle rider started the @TBSporty account which you can follow here.

Evidently the word is not out that the TBSporty account is run by a turtle rider though, as she gets a whole bunch of messages every day, including our hate mail. Last week after we published this blog about the most recent fake hate crime at Framingham State (the 7th in the last couple of years), involving racial slurs written on a napkin, TBSporty got a message from a really, really woke SJW from Wareham by the name of Aleksandra Jensen.

This was the “hate crime,” which came just a week after Jussie Smollett’s world famous fake hate crime.

They’re not even trying anymore. No one writes “die spick” in half Spanish on a napkin. No one. More than likely the recipient wrote it to himself because he is seeking victim status. This is not a conspiracy theory, it’s something that happens quite often. Jussie Smollett also wrote himself a note just like this, and people who thought it was a hoax were called racist by people like you. Good thing you learned nothing from that.

Keep in mind, the school brought in the FBI to investigate previous notes that were left, and they never found who did it because it wasn’t real. The FBI would be able to find out the perpetrator pretty quickly if it were real. Smart people understand that, but dumb clams like Aleksandra are incapable of such rational thought. Here’s what she wrote to TBSporty on Twitter:

Oh to be young again. They’re so much smarter than us all. Here I was thinking that racism was eradicated, but it took a basic Becky from Wareham to to speak her truths and educate me on the rampant racism around us every day in order for me to realize it. I just don’t see it because I’m a white middle class father. Except I’m also a chick, as is the woman behind the TBSporty account. TBSporty responded….

  1. These events are made up, and not nearly enough effort was put into them.
  2. You are in fact dumbass students.
  3. The school called in the FBI on these hoaxes. That’s a shit ton of effort for words written on a white board.
  4. “They should force us to take an ethnicity class” is the racism-industrial complex in practice. Create racism and sell the cure for it via a class.
  5. The “I’m banging a black dude so I’m more woke than you on social issues” comment is adorable and also slightly racist. Just ask the Woke Godmother AOC.

6. Your professor who tweeted this out is also a dumbass who is trying to brainwash you:

She said that she would “make sure it (the blog) gets taken down.”

It’s so cute when they travel down the “you didn’t get my permission to post my public tweets” road. Because as we all know, Twitter is private. And things you post on Twitter can only be used by you and not other people.

So who is she going to get to take the blog down?

“Someone.” Trust her.

Then she started sending TBSporty screenshots from the blog with no explanation as to what her point was.


Then she figured out where she was going to take her complaint to.

Framingham State of course. They’ll get right on forcing a private blog to take down an opinion piece because one woke Becky disagrees with it. That’s how the law works. FSU controls the interwebs.

Then she went with the “everyone at Turtleboy is Aidan Kearney route”:

Another Internet lawsuit!!

Does she have proof that our opinion was not true? Well, for starters opinions are opinions. They can’t be true or untrue by their very definition. And unless she can produce a racist for us who she can prove wrote this note on a napkin, I’m gonna stick with the original opinion that this is indeed a fake hate crime.

Nevertheless she persisted…..

Do we want one blog taken down or the whole blog? That’s a tough one. If only were were smart/educated like Bukkake Becky here we would know the answer to that question.

She also said she was going to come onto the Live show with her classmates and expose us for lying.

Unfortunately Lyin Franklin Smollett stole her thunder. You’re more than welcome to come on next week though Aleksandra!

Shockingly she also fell for the “someone wrote die n words” on the toilet seat fake hate crime.

Guess what she’s majoring in……


(Bangs head on desk)

This human wants to be involved in law enforcement but seemingly has no idea of how the law works. She also falls for the most obvious fabricated stories you could possibly fall for, but she thinks she has the instincts to be a detective. Must be because of those grades:

And that right there tells me everything I need to know about the quality of education at Framingham State. This poonstachio is as dumb as a doorknob, but can still get a 4.0 GPA because she’s woke. Funny the grades you can get in college when your opinions are the “right” opinions.

She’s also really mad at the FBI for not finding out who is writing all these hate notes.

Imagine how sheltered and first world privileged you’d have to be in order to feel threatened by a napkin with words on it? Hey Karen, come and read our inbox sometime if you’d like to see what threats look like. Don’t worry though, we’re not scared. Because adults aren’t frightened by words, especially when they’re obvious hoaxes.

P.S. Someone might wanna tell her that cultural appropriation is a big no-no in the circles she plans to belong to.

Please read this Buzzfeed article written by a black woman, and then come back and check your privilege girl.

Double P.S. Easy on the tanning bed. This is dangerously bordering on blackface.


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