Framingham Woman Starts Fundraiser To Pay Back Child Owed Child Support, Has Sharp Words For Critics Urging Her To Find Employment 


This is Joanne Marchand of Framingham, previously from Woonsocket.

She apparently has lost custody of her oldest child due to drug abuse and other run-ins with the law. She has since bore two more children in the span of 15 months, but wants the oldest one back. The problem is that she owes a lot of money in child support, so she’s taken the unconventional step of starting a fundraiser to pay for the child support.

Pro tip – if you’re going to beg for people to pay your unpaid child support because you’ve “turned your life around,” don’t end your post with a sentence that contains the phrase “n****s be acting like b****s.”

Just sayin. Also, eliminate all pictures of you with flat brimmed hats that say “f*** the world,” and other images looking strung out where you lecture guys about how lucky they’d be to be able to be with you.

No one wants to assume that debt.

When she said that “n*****s be acting like b******s,” what she really meant to say was “people correctly told me that this was a very ratchet thing to do,” and was essentially Turtleboy bait. She disagreed.

According to her she’s not lazy because she’s “in recovery” and has had two more babies over a short period of time.

Reproducing is work now. Some might argue that it’s irresponsible to keep neglecting contraception when you don’t have custody of your other child, but just don’t call her lazy whatever you do.

She says she’s not begging.

She’s just Internet panhandling. Get it straight.

I’d also advise her to perhaps avoid saying that she’s going to “rub it in all your b*****s faces” when she panhandles enough to make a down payment.

The only reason people are calling her out for this is because they’re jealous of course.

What’s not to be jealous of? Things are going great for her.

Joanne was recently featured in an article on the Metrowest Daily News while participating in a walk to raise money to combat domestic violence.

She’s really opposed to violence. Good thing she’s never been arrested for assault and battery on a cop before.

Here’s a novel idea – maybe you’re not ready to have custody of your oldest son yet. Perhaps you should get your life together and take a break from reproducing with random men, and then make some payments towards your child support on your own, rather than begging strangers to pay for it for you. Plus, if you have to fundraise to pay back your child support, it doesn’t exactly show the court that you have the financial resources at the moment to raise this child moving forward.


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