Framingham Youth Football Coach Mike Todd Spews Vile, Racist Sentiments Over Parents’ Objection, President Jason Smith Looks The Other Way

New England loves football season. It’s our favorite time of the year, and most Massholes are generally happier people when it’s football season. But this year there’s something different. There’s a bit of a cloud hanging over this season. More specifically, youth football in Framingham. 

Meet Jason Smith of Framingham, he’s the President of Framingham Youth Football and Cheerleading and he’s “kind of a big deal” if you go to those search engines on the interwebs you’ll see. He’s a former Framingham Selectman, a VP at some staffing firm called KNF&T, he was the tip of the spear of Framingham First and he’s the head cheese at the table on the Framingham Youth Football Board of Directors. Did I mention, Jason here was also awarded the Most Valuable Player Award of 2019 from the Framingham Youth Football and Cheer Program? Who gives out these awards? Did this guy literally give himself a MVP award? Don’t you have to actually be a player to be the most valuable one, and not just a middle-aged dude in pink socks?

 Let’s set the record straight though, this guy is all about accountability and making Framingham a better place, bringing youth and community together, and community service. A real pillar of his community and a go-getter. Oh yeah, and he knows people; especially this guy,


Michael Todd; Successful mortgage officer, Head Coach of a Framingham Youth Football team, Mr. Clean impersonator and as it turns out, also a racist dirtbag whom apparently hates children. Just take it from him, as seen in these messages sent in a group chat between a coaches-only group chat:

In October 2018, then Framingham Flyers Youth Football Assistant Coach Robert  Assarian was outed from the organization after he claimed he experienced racist statements as well as sexually charged statements by fellow  team coaches about players’ parents both in person and in these private group chats. Robert then emailed Jason Smith to advise him of all of this and, more specifically, the behavior of and comments made by Head Coach Todd.

Jason responded accordingly doing what every person in his position of authority and leadership would do. He brushed it off completely like a TLDR email and didn’t invite Mr. Assarian back to coach in 2019. 


Apparently a youth sports coach making comments like this…

Is no big deal for the Framingham Youth Football and Cheer Organization.

For reference, MPR’s refers to the Mandatory Player Rule. Meaning, everyone plays, regardless of how good or bad they may be at the game. And aside from the disgusting racism, Todd here apparently wants them shot dead,  given his commentary. Regardless of being made aware of this, in writing, Jason Smith decided to allow Mr. Todd to continue to coach, and has completely swept these issues under the rug, despite a formal complaint being filed. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a “everyone gets a trophy” type, because in real life not everyone gets a trophy and it’s unrealistic to teach kids otherwise. But this isn’t college ball, this isn’t even high school. It’s the sixth grade. Some kids might such, yeah, but in the sixth grade it’s still a matter of practice, practice, practice. But even at practice the issues appear to continue, with Mike Todd as players are coming home crying to their parents after practice about being dropped on their heads and bullied, as reflected in these messages contained within a complaint filed with the league. 



I get it, football is a full contact sport, if you want to play football you need to be able to handle it, maybe wait until the kids hit puberty before going full-on Friday Night Lights on them? Just a thought.  The parents clearly knew and know something was up, Mr. Clean loves the art of diversion and claiming a kid yelling to the team that they’re all losers is somehow worse than his vile, bigoted, hatred laced comments about people who don’t look like him or young children who don’t play football as well as he envisions a bunch of prepubescent middle-schoolers should. 

Then when confronted, he has no issue going after a woman, until her husband Omar steps in to put him in line.   Mike Todd obviously cowered when Omar stepped to the plate, because he was out eating with his family and was caught off guard.

Speaking of “stepping to the plate,” Mike Todd also coaches baseball allegedly too so all you Framingham parents out there may want to keep your eyes on this story as it develops.



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