Franklin Baxley Loses Inside Edition Gig After Being Exposed As A Career Criminal


We’ve got an update on Franklin Smollett, the woman beating drug dealer who falsely accused a well respected nurse of being a racist because she didn’t like being harassed and threatened by him. Part 3 on him comes tomorrow, but until then here’s an update on his interview with Inside Edition:

You did this folks. All you people who called and emailed them prevented this charlatan from using their platform to further smear this innocent woman. He still got paid though:

Racism. Industrial Complex. This is why people like Franklin and Jussie lie. Because they know the media will pay them for it. I certainly hope this isn’t true, or Inside Edition gets their money back from this crook.

He also says he’s suing us and has retained Attorney Scott Lutes of Providence.

And he is threatening to hold a black lives matter rally outside of the victim’s home in North Attleborough, as he continues to victimize her over and over and over again.

Franklin Baxley is an animal. He has gotten away with his crimes because he’s good at playing the race card. (Not so good at seeing his son, who he seems to want nothing to do with him.) But then he went and poked the turtle so those days are over. Get ready Franklin, we’re just getting started with you.


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