Franklin Dad Exploits Son He’s Been Grooming For Internet Clout For Years With Viral Video About Sewing A Shirt  


You may have seen this supposedly feel good story all over the news lately.

Sam Gouveia is a fourth-grader from Franklin, whose father Aaron posted a video of his son giving him a shirt he had just sewn for him. The video went viral, and women everywhere are melting over this supposedly loving father whose kid has a hobby.



But this isn’t the first time Aaron Gouveia has used his children for social media clout, and he’s far from the nice person he portrays himself to be. He is an attention starved narcissist who doesn’t mind exploiting his children for likes and retweets on his social media accounts “The Daddy Files.”

Gouveia was one of the first people I ever blogged about when I started Turtleboy Sports. In 2014 he screamed bloody murder while taking his three boys to Tougas Apple Farm in Northborough because he saw this sign:


Obviously this is a harmless, satirical sign that any man with a sense of humor would lightly chuckle about to themselves before moving on with their day.

Not Apple Daddy though. He decided to use his social media accounts to attack and smear this business, claiming that he was offended as a father because he did not need supervision like the sign jokingly suggested.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 6.53.01 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 7.44.25 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 7.36.06 PM

He then smeared this family owned business in an op-ed piece in Time Magazine.

I ended up speaking with management at Tougas Farm and did a bone ride blog where I went apple picking there. The damage he did to them by leading an online mob that attacked their farm over a sign was significant. Tougas agreed to take the sign down because they wanted him to stop using his platform to attack them, not because they thought there was something wrong with it.

Apple Daddy is the ultimate bully, masquerading as the ultimate good guy.

Gouveia loves to exploit his youngest son Sam in particular. He re-emerged in 2018 when he was featured in the Boston Globe after contacting them to let them know that Sam wore nail polish and brought his collection of purses to school and got “bullied.”

His kid is a victim, but not a victim of bullying schoolmates. He the victim of his attention seeking father who encourages him to do weird things so Apple Daddy can cry about it on his blog, turn Sam into a perpetual victim, and get media coverage. The Boston Globe article on it specifically stated that Sam asked not to wear nail polish to school, but Apple Daddy talked him back into it.

Sorry Sam, but Daddy needs subscribers, and that’s not gonna happen if you’re not getting picked on at school.

Apple Daddy’s Facebook page “The Daddy Files” is some of the most over the top virtue signaling you will ever see. He uses his kids to gain the attention of larger media outlets, knowing they’ll buy into his faux activism.

He’s basically Kylie Kirkpatrick without the millions of dollars worth of fraud. Unlike her he seeks only fame, not fortune.

The next year (2019) Gouveia once again used Sam as a prop, this time claiming that Sam asked him to wear makeup, so Apple Daddy did his make up for him.

This is what grooming looks like. Gouveia is a radical leftist who doesn’t hide his disdain for the unvaccinated or anyone who dares to vote differently from him. As a communist it is his job to push gender ideology on kids, and he has been encouraging Sam to become transgender since he was a little boy. Everything he does is by design, with the end goal of making it onto BuzzFeed or Vox.

Luckily Sam hasn’t became a girl yet, but Apple Daddy is still determined to use him as a prop in order to highlight Sam’s hobbies that are not typical for a 9 year old boy. His favorite thing right now is sewing, which unique and useful. If your kid wants to sew then more power to him.

But Apple Daddy can’t just let the kid have a hobby because that won’t get him new followers on TikTok. Therefore he the need to document every weird aspect of Sam’s life on his social media accounts because he knows it will bring HIM attention. For that reason he made a big deal a few months ago about how he got Sam a sewing machine for his birthday.

Of course they felt the need to point out that he’s the only boy in his sewing camp, and that he’s bullied at school for it. Apple Daddy is teaching this poor kid that he will always be a victim, and that the only cure for his victimhood is positive affirmation from strangers on social media.

This is not a healthy way for anyone to live their life.

Now Gouveia has hit the jackpot with his recent viral video about Sam sewing him a shirt. The video itself is really not interesting – a kid makes his Dad something nice and the Dad thanks him for it. But Apple Daddy treats his son like a charity project and he posts stuff like this because Sam is being trained to believe that the only way he can feel good about himself is if strangers on TikTok say nice things about him. He admitted in the video above that the comments meant the world to him.

This was the best comment from the Boston Globe’s story on it:

Sam has a downright weird history of going viral even though he’s only nine,” his father, Aaron Gouveia, told

Yea, such a weird history of going viral. Dad had nothing to do with it.

My heart breaks for Sam because he seems like a nice kid, but he is too young to consent to being used like this. His father is controversial and opinionated, and that’s going to attract negative people. Why would you put your kid front and center knowing that? He WANTS people to make fun of Sam so that he can make more content out of it. It’s gross.

I see this all the time on YouTube where children are used by adults to make YouTube viral content of them living their lives and sell merch off of it. YouTube feeds our kids this stuff in their algorithm and they get hooked on it. Some completely uninteresting kid named Tydus has parents just like Apple Daddy who exploit him to the tune of 7 million subscribers. People who put their children out there like this when they’re not old enough to consent to it are actually terrible parents, not good parents.


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