Franklin Dad Forces 6 Year Old Son To Wear Makeup To School So He Can Virtue Signal His Wokeness On His Daddy Blog 


This is Aaron Gouveia.

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He’s a self-serving father of three who runs a website called “The Daddy Files,” which is basically him using his children as props in order to gain clout in social justice warrior circles. He’s rude, aggressive, belligerent, and completely intolerant of opposing viewpoints. If you disagree with any of the ridiculous things he posts on his Facebook page he will demean you, insult you, and refuse to admit that he’s a pompous d-bag. As long as you tell him what a great progressive Dad he is at all times, you should be good though.

He first appeared on TBS in 2014 after posting about how offended he was by a satirical sign about Dads at a Northborough apple orchard. 10672235_847879435224480_8621762283362917851_n

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 6.53.01 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 7.44.25 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 7.36.06 PM

He then smeared this family owned business in an op-ed piece in Time Magazine.

He re-emerged last year when he was featured in the Boston Globe after contacting them to let them know that his kid wore nail polish to school and got “bullied.”

In reality, he makes his kid do this so he can use the poor little fella as a tool in his never ending quest to be the wokest white dude on the Internet. We know this because in the Globe article he stated that his son specifically asked not to wear nail polish, but Apple Daddy talked him back into it.

Because this was all about Apple Daddy, and what the child wanted was secondary. Gouveia’s Facebook page “The Daddy Files” is some of the most over the top virtue signaling you will ever see. And he often uses his kids to gain attention of larger media outlets knowing they’ll buy into his faux activism.

And today he decided to once again use his son as a prop by recording him putting on makeup.

Make no doubt about it – this was his idea. Everything Aaron Gouveia does is by design, with the end goal of making it onto Vox or Buzzfeed. In case you can’t tell, he desperately wants his son to be transgender. It’s not happening on its own, so he’s pushing him towards every feminine thing he can so that the poor kid will be inclined to think he’s really a woman. Sure, transgender people experience the highest suicide rates in the history of mankind, but if that ever happens it would just mean more page views for Apple Daddy.

Think of how demented you have to be to take a video of your 6 year old doing this and post it to your social media accounts knowing that you have a decent sized audience, and knowing how it will be received. As you can see from the video, this was all about him.

As you can see from his smug look of self-satisfaction in the mirror as his poor confused son is explaining to the camera how he’s redefining gender roles, Aaron is quite pleased with himself.

Now read the insufferable tweets that came along with it.

“Boys can wear earring and they don’t make you gay.”

He’s six. A six year old cannot understand the concept of homosexuality, because they don’t understand what sexuality is at all. Odds are that the kid never actually said this, but if he did it’s because his father brainwashes him with things that he’s not old enough to understand. The ironic part is that as accepting as he pretends to be, if his kid came out as a Republican 12 years from now, his father would never speak to him again.

As usual, it was all about how he reacted to it.

“I hugged him and teared up with pride.”

He’s the wokest parent of all times. Please, retweet him for validation.

Notice the buzzword hashtags – #toxicmasculinity #gendernorms

Hashtags exist so that people searching for a certain topic will find your tweet if you use that hashtag in a tweet. He’s hoping to find people looking for toxic masculinity and gender norms, knowing that they’ll tell him what an awesome Dad he is for using his child for a sociological experiment.

The fact of the matter is that chicks dig toxic masculinity. Sorry kid, but if you think you’re sad now, wait until you get to high school and no one girl wants to go out with you because your Daddy turned you into an emasculated beta male like him. Oh well, if all goes to plan you’ll be his daughter by then and have much bigger psychological issues on your hands. As long as Daddy makes headlines that’s all that matters.


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