Franklin Pierce Track Coach Zach Emerson Tries To Get Rival Coach Fired For Voicing Objection To Biological Male Winning Women’s National Championship


For Shell Shocker’s strongly worded take on this click here to read it on TBS.

TB Daily News was the first to report in February that Franklin Pierce’s star male hurdler Craig Telfer had transitioned to becoming a woman for his senior year in college, and was destroying school and conference records in the hurdles and sprinting events.

“Cece” Telfer was praised by the school for “her” hard work, despite doing nothing to transition at the age of 21 besides grow his hair out long and change his name. He still has male anatomy, but more importantly his muscles and bones have been growing as male muscles and bones for 21 years. This cannot be undone through hormone therapy or surgery, and is an unfair advantage that no other female athlete could ever hope to have.

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Cece went on to qualify for the national championships in the 60 meter hurdles, but lost to 5 biological women. Note the caption.

“Only placed 6th.”

As if it’s OK because there are 5 women in the country who are faster than him. I can’t beat the best female basketball player in the world, so by that logic I should be allowed to try out for the WNBA. The idea that this proves that biological sex isn’t an advantage in sports is laughable.

It’s now the spring season and this past weekend Cece won the national championship in the 400 meter hurdles.

This is so obviously wrong. Anyone acting on good faith knows that, and it doesn’t require an explanation. Even many on the left who support trans rights accept that this is not OK. If you put this to a poll nationally, I’m sure at least 90% of the American public would agree that biological men should not be allowed to compete against women in sports.

Yet the NCAA is pretending that this is OK.

This is the thesis of my book I Am Turtleboy. People have to say things they don’t believe because they’re afraid to lose their job if they do. Free speech is dead in this country, and we can’t have conversations like this because doing so is hate speech.

It’s really up to women to stand up themselves though. Your mothers fought for equal access to and funding for girl’s sports in the 70’s. They got it with Title IX. Now you’re undoing all that hard work by supporting men encroaching on women’s athletics. This will only get worse, and certainly will not end with Cece Telfer.

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Women athletes know this but are too afraid to speak out. Well, not all women….

Except Chloe Vieira from Attleboro forgot to point out that she also goes to Franklin Pierce. It’s easy to root for the guy from your school who is beating up on women, when you attend that school also. Try losing to Cece and then come and tell me how much you support this.

Of course Chloe doesn’t run track, she’s a member of Franklin Pierce’s conference championship team.

Ya know what they didn’t have to do in order to win that trophy? Beat another team with a star player who is a biological male.

The biggest cheerleader for Cece is his coach Zach Emerson.

He oversaw one of the worst teams in the conference for several years until this 6’3″ man left his men’s team and joined his women’s team and he suddenly started winning. Yet he’s acting like his coaching had something to do with Cece’s national championship victory.

He even had Cece sing the National Anthem.

Justin Bieber has a higher pitched voice than Cece Telger. Guess he can compete against women too.

And look what Coach Emerson did to another coach (Jerome Robinson) who had the audacity to voice his disapproval of this blatant cheating on the part of Franklin Pierce.

“Never speak to one of my athletes like that ever again.”

He’s not speaking to your athlete. He’s sharing his opinion on a matter of public concern that directly affects the women he coaches. He has every right to voice his displeasure when his athletes are being bullied by a male athlete from your team.

He also calls the coach’s opinions “unacceptable,” tags his employers, and demands an explanation from them. The explanation is simple – Jerome Robinson doesn’t like losing to cheaters, and bravely defended the rights of women. So should all coaches.


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