Franklin Pierce Transgender Track Athlete Sets Multiple NCAA And Conference Records After Becoming A Woman Senior Year


Craig Telfer was a pretty good hurdler and all around athlete for the Franklin Pierce men’s track team last year. You can see some of his stats here. He finished second at the Greater Boston Track Club Invitational in the 60 meter hurdles as a junior, losing only to his teammate by less than 1/10 of a second. He was coming along nicely and set up for a strong senior year.

Then Craig decided that he was really Cece, and wanted to compete with women. In a sane world this would not be allowed, since Craig is a biological male who has 21 years of male growth that gives him advantages over women. He would immediately be levels above every female he competed against.

But this is not a sane world, and in the name of social justice we have to pretend that this is fair and OK. Today was the Northeast 10 Conference Championship meet. Cece Taylor won all three events that he ran in, because he got compete against a bunch of biological women, AKA real women. He won the 60 meter dash, stealing victory from Stonehill Senior Olivia Dexter, and Assumption College’s Victoria Steffon, a Wachusett graduate.

His time of 7.63 would’ve been .72 seconds behind the men’s winner, and a full half second behind the 8th place finisher.

He easily won the 200 meter dash, stealing first place from Southern Connecticut State’s Begotty Laroche, Dexter, and Steffon.

His time of 24.45 seconds was nearly 3 seconds slower than the men’s winner, and nearly 2 seconds behind the 8th place finisher on the men’s side.

Then he went on to win the 60 meter hurdles by over half a second, easily beating Stonehill’s Zoe Smith, while also taking down UMass Lowell’s Elisabeth Monty’s six year old meet record by .06 seconds.

I used to coach Elisabeth Monty at Shepherd Hill. I don’t think I’ve ever coached anyone who worked as hard as her. That girl lived to hurdle, and she was an excellent athlete. She finished third in the state as a senior (even though she had to run in these ridiculous, welfare uniforms).

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She earned that record, and now her name will disappear from the record books because Craig decided to become CeCe and take it away from her. Her time of 8.55 would’ve beaten the second place finisher’s time by 0.4 seconds, an eternity in a short race like that. That’s how dominant she was.

Keep in mind, in the hurdles there is a distinct advantage for being taller. The mens hurdles are six inches taller than the women’s hurdles, and closer together, and CeCe Taylor is very tall.

Because he’s a dude. He can literally step over hurdles like they’re barely there. For the last 21 years his bones have been growing like any biological male, his muscles have been getting stronger like any biological male, and there is testosterone running through his body. All of these things give him unfair advantages. In a sane world we would call this cheating. But in America in 2019 we call it social progress.

Although the taller hurdles do slow you down, his time arguably could’ve placed in the top 8 on the men’s side.

So he’s one of the better male hurdlers in New England, competing against women. Shocking outcome that he won.

He scored 30 points of his team’s 52 points by himself to help Franklin Pierce finish 6th overall, single handedly scoring more points than Merrimack, Le Moyne, and Bentley College.

For beating up on a bunch of biological women this man was awarded the Most Outstanding Female Track Performer of the Meet.

His Athletic Director is bragging about it on Twitter.

“Special shoutout.”

How can anyone cheer for this? Do you feel good about yourself? Do you feel like you earned something? The real women had no shot at all going into this meet, because CeCe has been smashing records all season, and Franklin Pierce has been bragging about it on Twitter.

She even set both the school record AND NCAA record in the pentathlon. Look at the hashtag Franklin Pierce shamelessly used.

“Experience MATTERS.”

No, his penis matters. The fact that he has a biological male’s body matters. His experience was as a man. He didn’t actually accomplish anything. He’s one of thousands of men who could easily just claim to be a woman and win the women’s meet. It’s sad, pathetic, and disgusting that a school would not only allow something like this to happen, but then brag about it on social media. Experience matters? So all the women that lost to him, their experience didn’t matter enough?

Oh, and the 8.49 he ran in the hurdles today isn’t even close to his best time.

So he’s probably going to win the National Championship too. Because he’s a dude competing against women.

Honestly, it’s up to women to put a stop to this. Men crossing over into women’s sports does not affect other men in a negative way. But it hurts women. Women who have worked their asses off their entire lives to get to this point, only to have it snatched away from them because Craig decided to become CeCe at the age of 21. I have a daughter, and I’d like her to do sports when she gets to Wachusett, but what’s the point? By the time she gets to high school this will be commonplace. There’s some boy out there right now who will become a girl just in time to beat her.

It’s up to women to speak up about this. I hereby invite any woman who lost to her to come forward, on the record, and tell me how they feel about this. But I’m sure I won’t hear from any of them, because they know what will happen if they have the audacity to complain about this blatant chauvinistic display of male privilege. They’d be castigated as transphobic bigots for standing up for themselves.

But at some point you have to do what’s right. You can either sit there and watch this happen to more girls, or you can be a pioneer. It wasn’t easy for the suffragists to fight for the right to vote, nor was it easy for Rosa Parks to refuse to go to the back of the bus. Believe me, I know what it’s like to self-censor in order to avoid being demonized. I did it for 11 years as a teacher. But once you start saying the truth out loud, it will feel very liberating and you’ll be surprised how many people line up behind you.



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