Friends And Family Defend Attleboro Man After Pleading Guilty To Raping A Child, Says Underage Victim Gave Consent


This is Kevin Cardona from Attleboro.

Last week he posted a vague statement on Facebook, telling his friends and family that he would miss them all and see them in a few years.

But what he forgot to mention is that the reason he wouldn’t be posting on Facebook for a few years is because he plead guilty to raping a child and was sentenced to five years in prison:

A 22-year-old city man has been sentenced to up to five years in prison for raping a preteen girl during a Super Bowl party at the victim’s home in 2019, Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn III said Monday. Kevin Cardona pleaded guilty in Fall River Superior Court to rape of a child by force and indecent assault and battery on a child 14 or younger, according to the district attorney’s office. Cardona, who was 18 at the time of the rape in February 2019 and knew the victim, entered the girl’s bedroom where he molested her and then raped her while covering her mouth, Gregg Miliote, a spokesman for the district attorney’s office, said.

The rape was reported to Attleboro police after the victim told her therapist about the sexual assault the next day. Police recovered the victim’s underwear, which tested positive for sperm and was a DNA match to the defendant, Miliote said. After a court hearing earlier this month, Judge Raffi Yessayan sentenced Cardona to a 3- to 5-year prison term followed by five years of probation.

“The defendant took advantage of his access to the victim, and her young age, to sexually assault her. I am pleased he has been held accountable for his deviant behavior,” Quinn said in a statement.

This case took four years to litigate, and during that time he violated the terms of his probation at least 3 times by not charging his court ordered GPS monitoring device.

Finally his time ran out and he plead guilty. But his family and friends had his back.

You’ll miss him? He raped a child who he apparently knew and none of you nudniks protected her from him. I briefly looked through the pages of all his supporters and pretty much all of them have kids of their own. I wonder if they’d let Transgender Ron Slater babysit their kids for the weekend.

Auntie Kimmy Cardona says she’s gonna miss him the most.

I bet her kids won’t though.

After the plea deal was announced in the media a lot of people began commenting on his wide open Facebook page. That’s when the fam jumped in to defend the honor of their convicted sex offender pedophile, starting with Stephanie Jordan.

According to her the underage rape victim was a “dumb c***” who gave consent, despite the fact that the victim is years away from being able to give consent. Stephanie claims that it’s the rape victim who should be in jail.

She seems nice.

Then there was KayKay Serrano.

When she’s not taking post-dump glamour shots in the bathroom she can be found on Facebook telling people to “suck a duck if u don’t know don’t speak on what u don’t know.”

That’s kind of English. And although I don’t have a spare duck to suck on I will speak on what I do know of, and that is that your friend plead guilty to raping a child and will be spending several years in prison avoiding man rape himself. His best bet is to make up a new gender and ask to go to the women’s prison, although the women there will be far too old for him.

Auntie Christine Aiken also offered a spirited defense of her nephew, claiming that he had no choice but to have sex with the child because if he didn’t then she would get him in trouble.

Sometimes you just have to rape a child in order to avoid getting in trouble for not raping a child. He should’ve tried that defense in court.

Finally there was his “best friend” Noelle Kelliher.

She had some choice words for anyone who criticized her favorite diddler on the roof.

So yea, this monster apparently learned nothing from this ordeal and his family of pedophile enablers have convinced themselves that he is the victim, and the real victim (a child) is the criminal. People like this deserve to be named and shamed, and I hope anyone considering hiring them in the future knows where they stand on the issue of child rape. Not that most of them have any interest in gaining employment though.


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