Friends Of Missing Lowell Woman Found Dead Yesterday Accuse Defense Attorney Husband Of Suspicious Behavior Last 3 Months


The body of a missing Lowell woman named Kimberly Oberhauser was found in the Merrimack River in Andover yesterday. She was last seen January 18, and her Range Rover was found in the river on January 22. Lowell Police initially said they do not suspect foul play, but her friends disagree.

Kim is married to Greg Oberhauser, a defense attorney from Lowell who appears to specialize in DUI. His law firm’s Facebook page often posts reviews from alleged clients of his, which thank him for getting him off for crimes they appear to have admitted to, leaving only their first names and stock photo images of unrelated people.

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He also bought into the Dominion machine conspiracy theory, which turned out to be baseless.

Since his wife went missing Greg has not publicly acted like the husband of a missing woman on social media. He has not organized any searches for her and has only posted about her 3 times – a March 4 post about a vigil he didn’t organize, a “miss you” post on her birthday January 30, and a Lowell Police Department post about her being missing. LPD posted it on January 20, but he didn’t share it until January 22, which was 4 days after she disappeared and the day her car was found.

However, Greg frequently posts about golfing, animal rescues, Valentine’s Day humor, and other things that would give you the impression that he’s not a man who’s wife was missing.

On February 12 he ironically posted about an animal being rescued from a frozen river.

Underneath these posts he’s gotten hundreds of comments, mostly from people wishing him well and praying for him. But there are also comments from Kim’s friends expressing their belief that he’s hiding something. According to several of these woman Greg was abusive and they had recently gotten a divorce. For some reason he has not deleted any of these comments that clearly imply he was involved in his wife’s disappearance, despite being extremely active on social media. Personally, I would block people who implied that I murdered my wife on my Facebook page and delete their comments if I was innocent , but to each their own.



Greg has seen these posts and even replied to one of them.

His only other response was this one:

But yet he hasn’t deleted them.

On the day Kim disappeared he posted about tools he uses to get clients off for DUI’s.

I am not accusing Greg Oberhauser of anything, and I’m not privy to the investigation, which is ongoing. I trust the Lowell and State Police will do a thorough job and get to the bottom of this, especially now that they have a body. I’m just pointing out the fact that all these women are making serious accusations and he’s hardly denying any of it, while carrying on online as if he’s not the husband of a missing woman.

One thing we do know is that the Lowell Police have had their time wasted by Tina Degree and other activists who baselessly accused them of covering up the death of Moses Harris. How many hours have been wasted investigating the open and shut case of a domestic abuser running away from the police and drowning in a river? Meanwhile Tina Degree and her son were clearly involved in the murder of Emely Nieves, which no one has reported on except for TB, and this poor woman’s disappearance has gotten half the attention that Moses Harris did because she is white.


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