Friends Of Wrong Way Westerly Driver Who Killed 2 Elderly People Explain Why She And Her Parents Shouldn’t Be Criticized


There has been a lot of criticism regarding this blog about the 17 year old Westerly girl who drove the wrong way on I-95 and killed two elderly people. A lot of people have suggested that it should be off limits to criticize dead 17 year olds. I disagree. This incident didn’t happen in a vacuum. It was the inevitable conclusion to lax parenting, and a series of bad decisions made by a woman who would be tried as an adult for vehicular homicide had she survived. But yet there was an outpouring stream of support for the girl who killed two elderly people, but none of the actual victims of the incident. This was not an accident. The girl chose to drive with a suspended license, and her parents allowed her to drive a Mercedes, despite the fact that she had dropped out of school.

I received a handful of angry messages after the blog was published and two women who know the family of Abigayl Lanphear wanted to come on the show. I had them on and they made a plethora of excuses for her, while also making the assertion that drunk drivers aren’t killers. Additionally, they claimed that she was drinking prior to the accident, and that she did not have her glasses on. The fact that she drove with a suspended license after drinking alcohol and without her glasses on makes her a killer. I don’t apologize for saying that and I stand by it. We don’t give people a pass for their behavior just because they died.

Here’s last night’s episode if you missed it.





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