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Frontier Superintendent Sends Parents Email Smearing Turtleboy For Blog Exposing Pronoun Sticker Day, Records Request Shows CRT Being Taught In Schools


Last week I published a blog about posters that were up in Frontier Regional High School in Deerfield encouraging kids to “pick up a pronoun sticker in the cafeteria or main office” in order to celebrate pronoun day as part of transgender solidarity week.

I pointed out how ridiculous it was that the school was promoting this. Being “transgender” isn’t a game you play. Pronouns mean something and are supposed to reflect biological reality. Not everyone is on board with the idea that people should be called “she/they” or “ze/zem.” Parents have a right to object to this in a public school, and it’s a large reason why Glenn Youngkin was elected governor of Virginia.

This is Frontier Regional Superintendent Darius Modestow.

He read the blog and was not happy about it, claiming that my legitimate criticism were “crude and deliberately insulting statements,” and said that I have been banned from Facebook and Twitter for inflammatory language. He sent this email out to all parents and teachers in the four town district.

I don’t mind legitimate criticism, but when people like this feel the need to lie about what I said in order to prove their point it means they don’t have much of a point to begin with.

You should mock the idea that the school is handing out pronouns at the main office. That’s absurd and ridiculous. It’s also irresponsible that the public schools are teaching children to use grammatically incorrect pronouns like “they/them,” as if we suddenly get to redefine the English language. You don’t get to label me as “crude” for pointing that out.

He then tried to delegitimize what I do by bringing up the social media bans, claiming that I’m banned form these platforms for inflammatory language.

  1. Millions of people have been suspended for arbitrary reasons by social media companies. Getting put in Facebook or Twitter jail doesn’t mean anything, and is really more indicative that you question the establishment and the powerful. Anyone with a basic understanding of the Internet knows that.
  2. Twitter bans people for using biologically pronouns, which isn’t inflammatory.
  3. I haven’t been banned, since I’m still on both platforms.
  4. I have had accounts suspended, but not for inflammatory statements. I get banned because white supremacists like Darius Modestow mass report me for things like honoring murdered police officers, posting Rockwell memes, and urging people to spread love:

Marketplace did a story on it.

This is an incredibly dishonest representation of who I am by an activist superintendent who is trying to deflect from the fact that his schools are indoctrinating children with left wing politics. Please feel free to write a respectfully worded email to Mr. Modestow to let him know that it’s not OK to indoctrinate kids and then smear those who voice legitimate criticism about it: [email protected]

Modestow is also indoctrinating children in other ways. A public records request for information on what elementary school teachers were being taught at professional development showed us that they are pushing critical race theory hard. For starters they literally teach teachers about CRT:

They teach that George Zimmerman was a murderer, how to separate kids into “affinity” groups by race, and that BLM is an “affirmation of black folks humanity” while making no mention of their encouragement of riots, destruction, abolishment of the police, and support of Marxism.

It teaches white kids to be “allies” because they’re from a privileged work that must “work in solidarity with oppressed groups to dismantle the systems of oppression.”

Dividing kids into oppressors and oppressed is a hallmark of racial Marxism and CRT. It’s immoral and divisive, and it’s pushed by bad people.

Frontier Regional encourages teachers to read Ibram Kendi’s divisive theories on what he calls “anti-racism,” which is just a buzzword for critical race theory. Kendi is a multi-millionaire who has said many racist things on social media, and has made millions of dollars off the death of George Floyd.

Teachers are taught how to “reframe whiteness,” how being a “nice white parent” is actually hurtful, and to perpetuate the racist stereotype that white women are “Karens.” The goal is to move towards “equity” rather than equality.

Teachers must “discuss whiteness” and getting lectured by BLM organizers.

The training teaches that “whiteness is an unearned asset that white people can count on cashing in each day,” and how they use their understanding of white privilege to create a more “racially just classroom.”

CNN articles are used as a source to spread lies about our “racist” incarceration system, in which people who break the law end up in jail.

Your tax dollars pay for this.

People like Darius Modestow realize that parents have finally figured out what they’re doing to our children and are no longer willing to allow it to happen. Their only recourse is to smear people like me with lies for pointing that out, in an attempt to delegitimize the things that I’m saying. But the jig is up, and we see through your games now.  We will not remain silent as you indoctrinate our children with communism, critical race theory, and interchangeable gender pronouns in the main office.


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