Gardner AAU Basketball Coach Arrested For Raping 15 Year Old Girl On Team, Keeps Posting From Kid’s Games On Facebook


This is 39 year old Ramsey Clayter from Gardner, who coaches AAU basketball.

According to the Telegram he was arrested on January 7 and charged with three counts of aggravated rape of a minor – a 15 year old girl he coached.

The girl was 15 at the time. She told police she was driven to Clayter’s home after being told she had to sign a waiver related to the team, according to police reports filed with court documents. After they arrived, he took her to his bedroom, where the rape reportedly occurred. The victim told police that Clayter continued to send her Snapchat social media messages every day. She was encouraged by friends to report the incident to authorities.

Yet since then he’s continued to show up for Middle and High School basketball games, which he’s posted pictures from on Facebook.

He’s also posted videos of motivational speeches he’s given at Mount Wachusett College about overcoming drug addiction.

He knows a lot about this topic, since he was arrested in 2014 for selling heroin, and in 2011 for selling cocaine.

But he’s a reformed junkie drug dealer now so Mount Wachusett Community College hired him to teach at the school and run a recovery program called The Link.

Evidently this was all it took to pass a background to coach AAU basketball. That and holding a few yard signs while presenting himself as the model of reform.

He, like many others before him, has masked his own indiscretions by virtue signaling about how much he hates Donald Trump on social media. He posted this 15 days after his arrest for raping a 15 year old girl.

Pedophiles agree – Adam Schiff is awesome. And raping 15 year olds is bad, but not nearly as bad as asking a foreign government why they gave a debaucherous crackhead a $50,000 a month job in an industry he had no experience working in.

“Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

Yes, but I don’t kiss 15 year olds with it, so there’s that.

For more takes on this story, and some really angry rants about the Telegram stealing our work, and how much I hate “never Trump republicans,” feel free to listen to last night’s live show.


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