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Gardner Parents Are Outraged That Their Out Of Control Kids Are Being Put In Calm Down Rooms For Their Own Safety


The other day a concerned mother from Gardner named Erika Aguirre voiced her concern about the fact that her child was being placed in a calm down room in his elementary school.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a viral Facebook post like this. These rooms exist for students who are a physical threat to other students, teachers, or themselves. They are an alternative to sending a child home because schools would prefer to let an out of control child calm down and resume learning, as opposed to sending them home. Sadly these are necessary because there are a plethora of parents who have never disciplined their child, so that task becomes the school’s job instead.

According to Erika this has happened multiple times, and each time the child goes kicking and screaming.

Might I suggest that the fact that your child is kicking and screaming at teachers is exactly why they need to be put in this room. The fact that this is a regular occurrence, and that he did not consent is irrelevant, although the fact that you believe his consent is required explains how he got this way to begin with.

If you are really upset by this then there are channels you can go through. Request a meeting with the principal, or if you really feel the need contact an attorney so they can let you know why you’re wrong. But if your initial instinct is to go to Facebook and post about how the principal “doesn’t wanna know me,” it only further validates our preconceived notions about you.

Facebook posts like this go viral because of the shock factor, and it frequently leads to other misinformed parents showing up to pile on the school.

Some complained about how the room makes them “chloseterphobic”

Others threatened or insinuated violence if their child was ever disciplined.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the fourth toughest guy in Gardner.

Mene Gene Brunell. Discipline his child at your own risk.

Then there was the “I called Fox 25 News” crew.

Because if you need someone to broadcast your nonsense the first thing you should do is call Fox 25 News.

Others suggested posting on yard sale sites.

Because that’s why yard sale pages exist.

Some suggested contacting the Mayor.

And because of it’s a small city the Mayor actually responded on Erika’s post.

So there you have it – 97% of kids don’t ever see this room. If your kid does then you are one of the 3%. By broadcasting your failures to the world you only further validate our original opinion that your kid is acting like this because you never taught them discipline at home.

The School District also issued a press release and posted it on Facebook.

This shows once and for all that Facebook is undoubtably the public square. There were no phone calls or letters sent home to parents about this. A parent posted on Facebook, lots of people saw it, and the school determined that this was a matter they needed to address on Facebook because Facebook is the public square.

A lot of people were thankful to the superintendent for being so transparent, others like Monica Gallant did not.

Translation – I’m proudly part of the 3%.

Newsflash – you CAN  you CAN do this to your kids at home too. It’s called go to your room and think about what you did. Many parents do this instead of plopping their child down in front of an iPad when they lash out.

But, but, but, muh human rights……

They’re thinking about the human rights of the other children your kid presents a danger to.

Finally there was CAPS LOCK BRENDA.

The sheer “freight” of it all. Well, if a kid is screaming that they want out we should definitely let them out since they’ve clearly calmed down. That’s how these rooms work.

Turns out Monica had a personal beef with the superintendent from her time as a student.

The superintendent is failing your son, not you.

Then there was a twist….

Three generations of teacher blaming Gardnerites on our hands. And shockingly Monica had to drop out of high school because of the principal, not because of her own poor life decisions.

The bottom line is these rooms are necessary, legal, and if your kid ends up there it says more about you then it does about the school.


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