Gardner Woman Uses Newborn Baby To Lie For $10K GoFundMe Scam To Bail Baby Daddy Out Of Jail For Diddling His Own Kids

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This is Casey Merritt from Gardner.

While a student at Mount Wachusett Community College she was featured in a Turtlegram and Gazette article in December of 2018 because she read 400 books in one year.

Q. How would you describe yourself?

A. A bibliophile, definitely. A lover of books, a bookworm. Just an avid reader.

Because “girl reads books” is apparently what qualifies for news now.

Somewhere along the line she started dating this human cum stain.

Because who can resist the allure of flat brimmed Daddy hats, pajama Tuesdays, and permanent Newport Light breath?

His name is Kobie McDurfee, and he’s got quite the history. In 2014 he went to jail for the first time for holding a knife to a woman’s throat in Brattleboro, VT and some other stuff.

Less than a month after Kobie McDurfee was accused of holding a knife to a woman’s throat in Brattleboro, he was arrested for possessing drugs and wrestling with police. Now McDurfee, 20, has entered pleas to charges that stemmed from both of those incidents. His sentence provides for six months to four years of jail time and strict conditions that include no weapons and no contact with the female victim. McDurfee pleaded guilty to a felony count of first degree aggravated domestic assault, and he pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor count of domestic assault. Both charges stemmed from an April 14 incident in which he assaulted a woman.

“At one point, you had a knife to her throat, and you threatened to use it on her,” Suntag said, reciting the facts of the case.

The second assault count says McDurfee recklessly caused bodily injury by cutting the victim’s arm. On May 2, Brattleboro police again had contact with McDurfee in connection with a search for a missing juvenile. When officers tried to arrest McDurfee on suspicion of providing false information, he uttered an expletive and fought back, according to court papers. An officer struggled with McDurfee on Elliot Street, and the suspect then “began kicking and head-butting the interior of the cruiser” as he was transported.

An affidavit says police found marijuana, heroin and cocaine on McDurfee, who at the police station requested to “smoke some of that weed” and “do some of that coke” because he wanted to go to jail high.

“All that stuff was mine,” McDurfee told police, according to the affidavit. “I was not sellin’ the coke. I was about to do it. I was not sellin’ the weed, ‘cause I was about to do it. I don’t do dope, so obviously you guys got me on that one.”

In connection with the May 2 case, McDurfee pleaded guilty to heroin and cocaine possession as well as resisting arrest.

So let me get this straight. He held a knife to a woman’s throats and threatened to kill her, then a few weeks later they went looking for him in relation to a missing child, he lied to the cops about it, began fighting the cops, head-butting the inside of the cruiser, and then bragged to the cops about all the heroin he was gonna do before they got there. And Betty Bookworm decided that this was the kind of individual she would like to fornicate with.

This is why women couldn’t vote until 1920.

Last year he was arrested again in Brattleboro for theft.

Around that time he somehow met Casey Merritt and they decided not only to start dating, but to create a raw dog participation trophy together.

He’s obviously financially sound since his rap career will be taking off any day now.

As soon as he raises enough cash on Facebook to get a new mixer for some dope beats, then you can pay him to come up with some “hooks and verses” for your rap songs.

He’s gonna be a millionaire!

But this new baby apparently isn’t the first poon polyp he’s created. He has some other kids, he just can’t see them because he has to “get himself better first.”

From the looks of it the reason he isn’t able to see his kids is because baby momma got a RO on him.

This was less than a year ago, and in that time he somehow managed to reproduce with Betty Bookworm. I guess the benefit of being fertile is that if the court doesn’t let you see your kids then you can just unleash the baby chowder in a new woman and boom –  full custody.

In December he was bragging about how it had been 6 years since he got out of jail, and that he wasn’t going to reoffend and become a statistic.

Bruh, this was last July:

But Betty Bookworm doesn’t care, because she’s not gonna abandon him because of some “rough patches.”

Last May, before the RO was placed on him, Cumstain Kobe was posting lovely Mother’s Day messages to his baby momma, who seemed to appreciate it in the comments.

It’s unclear if this is the same woman who got the order on him, but she did make an interesting Facebook post about Cumstain Kobie and Betty Bookworm today.

Yikes! Rape of a child. That’s not good.

He got $5,000 bail in Gardner yesterday.

“I am not a statistic of recidivism.”

Sure thing, Cumstain Kobie.

From the looks of it he appears to have done something horrible to his own kids, fled to West Virginia with his new bride to be around his family (because Gardner and West Virginia are basically the same thing), and was extradited back here on warrants a few weeks ago.

5′ 8″ and 130 pounds. That’s a Winchendon heroin diet if I’ve ever seen it.

Anyway, Betty Bookworm needs $5K for bail  so she’s using the newborn baby for a GoFundMe scam.

Just to review:

  • She has a “family emergency,” in that her sperm donor is in jail for raping kids
  • This family emergency forced her to leave her “home state” of West Virginia, where Cumstain Kobie was first arrested, even though she’s from Gardner
  • Her baby daddy is out of work due to this “family emergency,” because it’s hard to go to work when you’re behind bars
  • Her baby daddy is staying with his grandfather under 24 hour care, which sounds like his cellmate is the prison librarian
  • Due to stress from her sperm donor being a pedophile she can’t make milk anymore and needs money for formula, even though she could easily get free formula from WIC and would be receiving maternity leave pay from her employer
  • She lives with her Mom but for some reason needs money for rent
  • Her son doesn’t qualify for insurance, even though we live in Massachusetts which is literally impossible for a baby

So basically all that money she’s trying to raise is to bail out her pedophile baby daddy who got arrested weeks ago on the kiddie rape warrants in West Virginia. She just doesn’t mention any of that because no one would donate or feel bad for her if they knew the truth.

Mystery solved.

Meanwhile, she’s holding it down for him by doing important things like updating his Facebook page about all the new beats he’s gonna make when he finally makes bail.


The other baby momma has attracted a lot of familiar names underneath her posts calling them both out.

Good ol Mark Leblanc, who made his Turtleboy debut in 2017 for taunting the Leominster Police on Facebook when they put his name up on their most wanted list.

Mark knows a thing or two about jail, as does Kevin Crozier.

If that name sounds familiar it’s because he’s the guy that everyone knows got away with murdering Sabrina Hathaway and admitted to burning her house down in 2014. We blogged about him in 2017 when he managed to do a Facebook Live from MCI Norfolk.

To the surprise of no one he got shot last year, but he appears to be living his best life now, despite waking up every day knowing he got away with murdering a woman.

Anyway, he must’ve done something really, really bad, because BM #1 isn’t happy.

We reached out to her for comment but haven’t heard back yet. But safe to say that Betty Bookworm is obviously not fit to be a mother if she wants her kid raised by a deadbeat criminal pedophile who once tried to knife a bitch. Feel free to report her GoFundMe here.


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