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Georgetown BLM Activist Mom Survives Harrowing Ordeal After Calling Police On 12 Year Olds Who Spit On Her Virtue Signaling Yard Sign 


Loren Olmstead is a mother from Georgetown, and an skincare entrepreneur who wants you to come to her online webinar.

She’s also a civil rights leader who is deeply invested in the black community, despite living in a town that is 93% white and 0.6% black.

If your entire political philosophy can be summarized by a 7 year old, then you’re a very simple person who isn’t really fighting for anything at all. It’s like standing outside with a sign that says, “I am against fingering altar boys bungholes.” Congratulations. We’re all very impressed by this controversial stand you’re taking.

Loren isn’t black, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be the victim of a hate crime. As we know by now, white people who can’t seem to shut up on social media about how woke they are tend to always be the victims of hate crimes. Here’s what happened to Loren.

Breaking news: 7 year old girl says 12 year old boys spit on lawn! Thots and shares!

Obviously these children were taught to hate black people by their racist parents. What other conclusion could one reach? A second hand anecdote from a 7 year old is more reliable than a blood oath, even though a neighbor said they didn’t see any other kids but her’s.

Nevertheless, the mere sight of these 12 year old boys has left this grown woman feeling unsafe in her community.

Sure, it might just seem like boys being boys, but can you imagine what monsters their parents must be? She should move to Lawrence where she’ll be surrounded by the diversity she claims to embrace, and all the children are raised by respectful and loving parents who came to this country legally.

The daughter’s reaction was heartbreaking.

God I love these people. Their stories are the best. The girl asked her Mom if the boys spit on the sign because they think black lives don’t matter. And instead of telling her daughter what a stupid question this was, they both sob in each other’s arms about the injustices of systemic racism.

It gets better though – she wanted to call the cops.

Someone might want to tell Loren that the organization she’s supporting (BLM) wants abolish the police. White women calling the cops over nonsense like this is one of the top things BLM wants to eliminate. Big no-no Karen.

Nevertheless, she’s not going to let this bring her down. Her sign is way too important to the neighborhood.

This movement is all about her now. Loren and her sign are just too important to leave town. She wants the non-existent marginalized community of Georgetown to know that they are welcomed by the nose ringed Star Wars freaks who don’t live on their street.

Of course this led to every white woman in town virtue signaling about how they wanted to buy a sign so they could show the world that they can pretend to care about black people too.

Those 12 year old boys can spit on one of their signs, but they’ll run out of saliva before they spit on all of their signs. Whoever is making these signs is a Goddamn genius too. It’s such a stupid, meaningless sign, but these white women all want them because it makes them feel like they’re doing their part to fix racism. If white guilt was a stock I’d invest my kids’ college funds in it.

Let’s just hope those 12 year old boys and their bigoted parents are finally brought to justice.


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