Georgia Woman Enraged That Massachusetts State Police Posted Moving Image Of Trooper Consoling Suicidal Man On Tobin Bridge


Over the weekend the Massachusetts State Police posted a powerful picture of Trooper Paul O’Connor consoling a suicidal man whose life he helped save by convincing him not to jump off the Tobin Bridge.

That is an amazing image. The distraught man is sobbing because he’s in agony. We don’t know why, but it could be for any number of reasons. Maybe it’s drugs, maybe someone close to him died, maybe he’s lost his job or is going through a bad divorce. Whatever it was it must’ve been horrible if he felt that killing himself was his only way out of the pain. Didn’t matter to the trooper, whose only concern was making sure this man lived. The look in the trooper’s eyes is genuine and compassionate, as if he too has seen traumatic things and understands this man’s pain. People suffering from mental health issues are not thinking straight, and they need love and compassion. This trooper went the extra mile and should be commended for his work.

The post has been shared over 16K times and has 55K likes. Unfortunately several miserable troglodytes showed up in the comments to blame the MSP for posting this image on their Facebook page. It began with this post from someone who goes by Susanne Valerie, who said that this “private moment” shouldn’t be blasted on the Internet.

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Insensitive? It’s a picture of a trooper showing the utmost sensitivity to a complete stranger. We have a mental health epidemic in this country, and millions of people have thought about committing suicide. This image lets them know that they are not alone, and that no matter how bad things seem to be they are still loved and valued.

Her post got over 1K likes and elicited a lot of much worse comments. The worst offender was this skag:

If “I love diversity, as long as it’s not in my neighborhood” had a face.

Some will say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but one look at Pink Hemorrhoid’s face and I immediately knew everything I need know about her. Bridget McGaughey’s creed is to “Wake up, kick ass, be kind.”

Which is code for, “convince yourself that you’re a good person and that your life of dinner for one and frozen eggs is fulfilling, when in fact you are a cruel and miserable communist who hates everyone she disagrees with, and the only thing you look forward to in life are new episodes of This Is Us.”

Her Facebook page is filled with virtue signaling yard signs that you see in upper middle class white suburbs.

Her primary concern is to advocate for rapists and other criminals sitting in jail because bail is racist, or something.

As you can see, she supports groups of predominantly upper middle class white women who bail strangers out of jail, naively believing that everyone locked up is there for marijuana possession, but in reality they always end up bailing out rapists who go on to rape again.

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And of course she’s a pronouns in bio person whose primary concern is getting “justice” for Breonna Taylor.

She cares about black people because she’s a good person and you’re not.

Bridget lives in Newnan, Georgia, and for some reason is interested in police Facebook posts in Massachusetts. According to her this image was a “mortifying invasion of privacy.”

He wanted to kill himself in broad daylight in the most public way possible – on a heavily trafficked bridge into Boston. But yea, privacy was high on his list of priorities on Saturday. Keep in mind, you can’t see the man’s face, there is no expectation of privacy in public, and the incredibly moving image could be viewed by a suicidal person who decided to call a loved one instead of jumping off a bridge.

But none of those things matter to people like Pink Hemorrhoid because the police are racist, blood thirsty killers who can’t be shown in a positive light because it will expose the fundamental weakness of their argument. We knew this already the moment we saw BLM and the pronouns in her bio though.

Here’s what “be kind,” and “love is love” looks like to her.

It would be a lot easier if these people just wrote “f*** the po-lease” and called it a day. Imagine what a miserable shrew you have to be to see that picture above and your immediate reaction is, “I’m gonna blame the police for showing the public what they do every day to save lives.” Even her cats must hate her.

She pretended to be worried that the man’s family might see the picture.

Oh yea, that would be horrible if his family found out that he was suicidal. Then they might do something crazy, like get him help. Or, maybe he doesn’t have family and that’s why he’s so sad in the first place. These are things normal people consider before writing things on the Internet.

She also let it be known that no man was allowed to tell her to relax, because….girl power.

Feminism is cancer.

This was her best comment:

Yea, this image of a trooper who just saved a man’s life has nothing to do with serving and protecting the community. Good comment.

The people who don’t want you to see images of the cops helping people in crisis because it makes them look good, are the same people who never want you to stop watching George Floyd die under the knee of a cop. Was Bridget McGaughey demanding that the videos of George Floyd dying get pulled down from the Internet because his family might see? Or do we only look at images of police on the job when they’re killing people? None of these people gives a damn about George Floyd or people in crisis. They just hate the police and nothing else really matters.