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Gerry Callahan Done At WEEI After 20 Years Because Bob Murchison Runs Programming There Now


When Kirk Minihane was forced out of WEEI by Boston Globe editor Shirley Leung and activist Bob Murchison, the station took a huge ratings dive.

But I still listened to Mut and Callahan in the morning because Gerry was still good radio. Even if you’re not conservative like he is, he’s still interesting and entertaining. More importantly he actually does really well with liberals. Alex Reimer and Gerry have chemistry, and even though they disagree on pretty much everything, they still have good banter and you can tell no one’s taking it personally.

Take this morning for instance. Gerry and Reimer were arguing about Megan Rapinoe and I listened to every word of it. I completely agreed with Gerry, and he’s the only guy on the station who calls out her BS. But Alex plays his part as the token liberal too, even though I don’t think he actually means it, and it makes for good radio.

Then this happened today.

This company cannot stop making the worst business decisions possible.

His replacement is Greg Hill, along with Danielle Mur and Fitzy.

I’ve always liked Greg Hill. He’s entertaining and good for what he does on WAAF. But he doesn’t do sports talk, and he’s a lot less controversial. Danielle, who again, is good for what she does on WAAF, really doesn’t belong on a sports talk radio station either. Mut is now moving to the night show, where careers go to die.

WAAF is going to play music while they do a nationwide search. And whenever a local radio station does a national search the results are usually God awful. Just ask WEEI how Mike Salk worked out.

Most of Hillman’s followers will just turn to WEEI instead of WAAF, so ratings for their show shouldn’t decline. However, it means that they think that music on WAAF will get higher ratings than the Mut and Callahan show, and because of how neutered they were attempting to make that show, they might actually be right.

Of course the biggest reason they’re doing this is because the idiots at the top of this powerful company (Entercom) are PETRIFIED of this Stan.

This is largely Bob Murchison’s doing, although according to sources being reported from Entercom Boston, the Boston Globe’s Shirley Leung was the bigger factor.

The Boston Globe isn’t a newspaper – it’s an activist organization. Real news outlets don’t call advertisers for a radio station in bad faith and try to get them to stop advertising. The Globe has a powerful platform and can scare these people in ways that Murchison can’t.

But unlike Shirley Leung, Murchison is relentless and has nothing else to do with his time. If you need to catch up on who this guy is click here to read the many blogs we’ve published about him. The long and short of it is that he’s an extremely wealthy guy with too much time on his hands, who uses his transgender son Gabe as an excuse to lead a never ending crusade to dictate the content of what was once the most popular sports talk radio show in Boston.

Murchison probably listens to WEEI every day, takes notes on anything “offensive” Gerry says, then writes down the advertisers so he can harass them relentlessly with misleading emails. You can read all of the insane emails he sent hereHere’s a small sampling of stuff that producer Joey Zarbano personally sent me, then asked me not to tell anyone about because it could get him in trouble.

He quotes wikipedia as a source. Nuff said.

It was done in bad faith because Murchison goes out of his way to misquote, and misrepresent the conversations he cited as evidence that Kirk and Callahan were problematic. Like this one he copy and posted to all of the advertisers, claiming that Minihane was talking about “children’s bodies.”

The implication there to advertisers is clear – Minihane thinks pedophilia is funny. The large corporations outside of the Boston area probably have no idea who he or Dave Portnoy is, and don’t understand that they’re referring to Portnoy’s infamous controversial blog from 2011. Minihane was actually giving Portnoy a hard time about it. But advertisers just see “children’s bodies” and want to distance themselves from it. Murchison does this on purpose. He knows he’s misrepresenting them. He knows that if he’s honest about the context of the conversation no advertisers will want to leave.

He does it with obvious sarcastic jokes about racism too.

And it works because the people who run corporate America now are all gutless hacks who freak out when they get an email from some random guy of no consequence in Sherborn.

Well, two can play that game. Here’s an email from Greg McGlone at the Radio Agency in Newton, canceling ads during the Kirk and Callahan show.

Whatever you do, DO NOT flood the Radio Agency’s Facebook page with negative reviews. I don’t want to stoop to Bob Murchison’s level and punish companies who give into activists who try to stifle free speech.

Same goes for ARS Restoration Specialists.

They have a wide open Facebook page you can leave reviews, but again, we urge you to NOT give them negative reviews as a result of this.

It’s too bad more company’s don’t have sack like Kaplansky Insurance.

Hey Ed, give me a buzz. We’d love to have you on as an advertiser at Turtleboy.


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