Gloucester Man Allegedly Tries Running Woman Off Road, Flipping Her Off In Hingham For Having Thin Blue Line Symbol On Car


I don’t know what it is in the town of Hingham with wealthy white people who hate the police for oppressing their non-existent black and brown neighbors, but we have video of yet another post-pubescent puke driving around and instigating problems with people because they support police.

Him and his Antifa girlfriend wear masks in the car.

Nuff said.

Normally it can be hard doing a story like this because we didn’t see him doing what was alleged, but sometimes they make it easy for you by confessing.

Puberty Puke: “I flipped you off because you have a blue lives matter flag.”

Woman: “I have a blue lives matter flag so you flipped me off?”

Puberty Puke: “Yea.”

Puberty Puke: “All I did was flip you off.”

Woman: “Because I have a blue lives matter?”

Puberty Puke: “Yes, that’s why I flipped you off.”

Woman: “You flipped me off because I have a blue lives matter?”

Puberty Puke: “Yes.”

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Is every privileged beach town fuck boi in Hingham required to hate the police? This one has a striking resemblance to Max Giarrusso, the Hitler Youth poster child who demanded that the Hingham Fire Department remove a thin blue line flag from their truck this summer.


I have no idea why people like this are so mad at the world. I get that they’re incredibly sheltered and haven’t bothered to ask any non-white person if they think the police should be defunded. But maybe if they did they’d understand that black people by and large don’t hate the police because no community would be more damaged if the police stopped existing than the black community.

Puberty Puke’s name is Andrew Widtfeldt, and he attended Manchester-Essex High School, in the second wealthiest town in Massachusetts – Manchester by the Sea.

At some point his family started slumming it in Gloucester. Perhaps he’s angry at the world because his mother wouldn’t let him take those puberty blockers when he was younger so he could be his/her true self.

Andrew isn’t completely useless though. He helped his mother/best friend/artist Loren Doucette make a book of her paintings for $25 that no one bought.

So he’s got that going for him.

Now that he’s a grownup he’s following in Mom’s foot steps as a “Mixed Media Artist,” and he works for the “Teen Artists Guild” in Arizona, which explains the license plate.

In other words, he’s going to be mooching off his parents for a long time.

The ultimate irony here is that the woman didn’t even have a thin blue line symbol on her car. He just saw an American flag and associated it with that because communists hate everything that is good about this country. If you see a thin blue line symbol, honoring murdered police officers like Sean Gannon, Michael Chesna, and Ron Tarentino, and it makes you so upset that you feel the need to flip a woman off in traffic and try to run her off the road, then you’re not nearly as virtuous as you think you are. And you’re certainly not helping black people, because they hate you too.


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