Gloucester Man On Food Stamps Sells Daughter’s School Issued iPad On Facebook Because He’s Hurting During Pandemic Despite Blowing Money On Pot And Video Gaming Equipment


This is Joey Aiello from Gloucester.

He’s a grown man who’s into grown man things like professional wrestling, gaming, using bedsheets as curtains, decorating his bedroom with replica championship belts, and posing for pictures with his marijuana.

As you can clearly see, he f***s. Sadly, I hate to break the news to all the ladies out there who were hoping to woo him – he’s taken by a woman named Natalie Roderick.

The D belongs to her.

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Joey amazingly has managed to reproduce on multiple occasions, and has a school aged daughter. Although he lives in Gloucester he decided to hit up a Marblehead Facebook Garage Sale group to sell her school issued iPad.

This is how your tax dollars are being spent, courtesy of “remote learning.”

Someone pointed out that he had no right to sell something that belonged to the school district, and since he paid nothing for it he should give it away to a needy kid rather than try to profit off the taxpayers. This did not go over well with Bret The Hitman’s Fart.

Yea, you should know his situation before you speak ill of him. Only God can judge, didn’t you hear? Poor guy is hurting during the pandemic and is just trying to make a quick buck to feed his starving family. It’s not like he’s blowing all his money on pot and video games slaying ogres, or something.

How dare you cast judgment when you don’t even know his situation! Like how he wasted $50 on box containing a toy figurine of a man in spandex.

He was thrilled to find out that Amazon decided to start taking his food stamps during the “pandemic.”

An abled bodied grown man in a beach town spending all his money on weed and gaming, who somehow qualifies for EBT. Welcome to Massachusetts.

Joey spends his very limited money on the basics like $200 gaming chairs, where he can marinate in his own crotch sweat for hours on end.

He also spends money on gaming desks.


More headphones.

Mother boards.

Guinea pigs.

Specialty mail order pot.

Grinders to grind the pot.


More computers.

Although personally I would’ve spent money to do something about the nuclear waste that’s growing out of his shoulders.

Another part of his “situation” that you don’t know about is how he collected unemployment and wasn’t happy that it took so long to get to him.

The struggles is real. Don’t they know he made two kids specifically so he could get more cash from the government?

Of course he and the girlfriend started a funeral GoFundMe back in May when there were no funerals.

But then mysteriously announced they’d be refunding the $600 they raised because “sorry I tried to help.”

Translation – no one asked them to start a GFM and they didn’t need or want the money.

Despite being the poster child for what men who you would imagine never leave their home or change out of their pajama bottoms during the day look like, and despite the fact that he leeches off the government and others to fund his habits, he’s also very upset with the government for locking him down and not doing enough for him.

You’d think that this guy would be the person whose lifestyle changed the least due to lockdowns, especially since he can’t drive, which is why he keeps his crotch fruit home from school, as he announced in this long winded sentagraph for the ages.

He forgot to mention that the reason he can’t drive her to school isn’t just because he has to do a live stream of Golden Axe at 10:30 sharp, it’s also because may have a DUI situation.

Finally, in the ultimate twist of irony he has shared TB blogs before about the rap group Waraq.



Yea, how dare they beg for money. They should sit on their ass all day collecting money from the welfare tree while sniping Germans with virgins form Boise instead. That’s what a productive member of society like Joey Aiello would do.


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