Gloucester Woman Tells Desk Girl She Is Suing For Slander Over Blog On Her Public Posts About Catching Coronavirus On Spring Break Miami


Hannah Flaherty is a Gloucester mother who was featured in a blog yesterday when she allegedly came down with coronavirus after posting about her spring break trip to Miami and mocking the idea that it was a serious problem. She then created a fundraiser to pay her bills while she was in the Beverly hospital where she allegedly worked.

Hannah disagreed with the article and showed up on our page with various declarations of innocence.

I had no idea that a face like this could be that ratchet.

But I guess looks can be deceiving.

Looks like we’ve got another case of, “that’s not how the Internet works.”

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Hannah then message us on Facebook, had a long conversation with Abi the Desk Girl, asked for the blog removal form, blocked us so Abi couldn’t return her message, then unblocked us to send one last message before blocking again.

We anxiously await the summons from Attorney Richard N. Vulva that is coming our way.

Ms. Flaherty also posted on her page that she got her COVID 19 tests came back positive.

Thots and shares.

Perhaps she won’t catch Chinese coronavirus next time if she showers.

Or maybe if she refrains from posting pictures on social media smoking hookahs in highly trafficked areas of Miami Beach.

Also interesting that she said she worked at a hospital as a clinician’s aide, since she doesn’t seem to come up in the database.

And although she does have a child we are now being told by sources close to her that the DCF fairy may have snatched her up. A good way to make sure you don’t go full Kate Peter is to keep your gerber servers inside your shirt whilst playing in the children’s area at McDonald’s.

Anyway, if Hannah is reading this she’s more than welcome to come on the live show tomorrow night to share her side of the story. However, she will have to complete Abi’s form if there is any hope of removing the blog. Company policy.


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