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Poor Behavior

GM Of Danvers Bar And Grille Announces Promotional Corona Party With Band In Defiance Of Governor Baker’s Order To Shut Down, Does Business With Greg Bates


I will take the rare action of applauding Charlie Baker for his executive decision yesterday to order bars and restaurants to only have takeout starting on Tuesday. Either coronavirus is an epidemic or it’s not. And most in the medical and science community agree that it is. In the event of an epidemic you can’t take half measures. This disease spreads easily by touching. We can’t expect to control it if people are free to go out and spread it. Eating is a necessary part of life, but sitting down to eat a public restaurant is not.

You probably won’t get coronavirus, and if you do you probably won’t die. But millions could potentially if the government took no actions. If it is a big deal then there can’t be half measures. We can’t have some events shutting down and other events taking place. There’s still a ton of people out there doing the whole, “tHe fLu KiLls mOrE pEoPle” song and dance. Cearly humankind is too stupid to know what to do in the case of an epidemic like this and can’t be trusted to do the right thing on their own. Allow me to quote former Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, the architect of Cold War policy during the 1950’s.

The government’s job is to protect citizens from violence. And right now that means protect us from the spread of a highly contagious disease. Sure, libertarians will complain, but everyone hates them anyway.

I am aware that this is easy for me to say since I can work from home, and the economic impact this will have on millions of Americans will be like nothing we’ve seen before. The solution to that is simple – more government. It exists for times like this. The government has never been bigger and more restrictive than it was during World War 2, but it was also our country’s finest moment. Factories were forced to convert to wartime production, curfews were put in place, professional sports leagues were shut down, non-essential nightclubs were closed, rationing limited what people could buy, and anyone with Japanese ancestry had to live in a camp.

And guess what happened? We won. Because that’s what happens when Americans unite around a dangerous entity that must be destroyed.

In the meantime the government has to do a bunch of liberal stuff I’d normally be against:

  • Forgive mortgage and rent payments for people who can prove they were forced out of work by the restrictions
  • Treat this like an actual war and sell bonds, then use the money to give financial relief to employed people who aren’t collecting paychecks
  • Spend billions of dollars on relief to help people who need it (not people like me and others who will continue to get paid, or free loaders who weren’t working before coronavirus)
  • Use the power of the federal government to do what Charlie Baker did nationwide. There is no point of having bans like this if you can go to Rhode Island and spread the disease in a crowded bar there

That brings me to this man:

Dennis Rack is the manager of the Endicott Grille in Danvers. Today he woke up and decided that he was going to poor gasoline on the Internet and light it on fire by posting this on the company’s Facebook page.

And that right there is why the government has no choice but to step in. Because people like Dennis Rack can’t be trusted to do the responsible thing.

Newsflash Dennis – it’s not going to stop spreading if we keep doing business as usual. More people will get sick and your business and employees will be affected far worse in the long run.

He also wanted to make it clear that he regretted nothing.

Here’s my question – who’s the owner? If I owned a business and hired a GM who went out of his way to behave in a manner that ended up with my business being shamed on TB, I’d probably hire a different GM. Just sayin.

He just couldn’t stop responding to every person who rightfully called him out for being a nudnik.

Hey genius – you’re not protecting your workers by increasing the chances that they’ll be exposed to a contagious disease.

He also hosted a St. Patrick’s Day event over the weekend which seemed to be exclusively for people in the demographic that is most likely to get coronavirus and die.


I hope each and every person in those pictures gets coronavirus. They all deserve it.

And just in case you thought this guy couldn’t get any worse, look who he does business with.

Greg “Master” Bates. The free loading deadbeat Dad who uses a Facebook group to shakedown north shore restaurants into paying him to eat for free at their restaurant, reports no income, doesn’t pay child support, never gave donated money to an autism charity, rigged gift card giveaways that were won by his Facebook aliases, said that he had to budget sex money in his divorce settlement, and once told his kids he was going to kill himself for attention.

If you hang around people like Greg Bates you start to stink like them too.


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