“Good Samaritan” Indicted After Dropping Off Emaciated Pitbull To MSPCA Was Employed By Suffolk County Sheriff

The former corrections officer and alleged accomplice are accused of severely neglecting the dog they claimed to have saved.

A pair from Canton, MA was indicted on felony animal cruelty charges after dropping off an emaciated pitbull at the MSPA this past July, claiming to have found the starved dog abandoned near Massasoit Community College:

Via The Boston Globe: 

“The Canton couple who claimed to have found a severely emaciated dog that they brought to a Jamaica Plain animal shelter in July were indicted Thursday for allegedly being the ones who abused the dog, prosecutors said.Michael Coke, 24, and Tatyana Denis, 22, were each indicted on a charge of animal cruelty. Denis was also indicted for misleading police, Norfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey’s office said in a statement.The 1-year-old pit bull mix, named Glitch by the shelter, was starved and near death when the couple brought him to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Angell Animal Medical Center in late July, the MSPCA said in an August statement. Coke and Denis said they found Glitch near Massasoit Community College in Canton. The MSPCA offered a $1,000 reward for information in an effort to find the owners that had abused the dog, who was 35 pounds underweight and hunched over from spending most of his time in a cage that was too small for him. But after an investigation by the MSPCA, Canton police, and the district attorney’s office, the Canton couple are now accused of being the abusers. Glitch made a full recovery and has been adopted, prosecutors said.”


The condition this dog was dropped off in was horrifying to MSPCA staff and veterinarians. It’s a miracle he survived, let alone made a full recovery:


The defendants, Michael Coke and Tatyana Denis, may be the dumbest criminals to exist. I’m no Sherlock Holmes, but I can take a guess at what may have tipped investigators off that this poor animal wasn’t simply found on the street:


Not the brightest criminal masterminds we’ve ever seen, because that dog looks like a lot the neglected dog they dumped off to the MSPCA, minus the extreme starvation.


If you’re not starving, there’s no excuse for your dog to be.

To add to this story, it has been discovered that up until last week, Coke was employed by the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department as a correctional officer.

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Mr. Coke was reportedly terminated and escorted off the property, and sources inside the jail claim staff were instructed to speak to no one regarding Mr. Coke’s employment. There is no indication he was suspended prior to termination pending investigation.

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