Poor Behavior

Google Street View Catches Elderly Man Getting Beaten Up By Junkies In Revere Trailer Park Village 


I’ve been working on a blog where I travel through some of the biggest shitholes in Massachusetts, taking pictures of what I see in order to document them for a blog about the 25 worst towns and cities in Massachusetts. Recently I was in Revere when I stumbled upon some sort of trailer park that would make you think you’re in a depressed Appalachia mining town where “the mill” closed down years ago and nothing has ever been the same, when in fact you’re about 2-3 miles from downtown Boston. And when you search for 23 Pratt Street on Google what you see on the street view is so Revere it hurts.

You can watch the play by play in 16 clips too.

It starts off with an older man with white hair being confronted by the local pajama posse.

He’s gearing up to take them on because he wasn’t prepared to depart with the hard earned crack rock, and figured that a couple doped out pajanimals wouldn’t be too hard to fend off. But he forgot to ask himself the age old Revere question – What would you do for a Zanny bar? And the answer is, throw an elderly looking man to the ground, dog walk him, search his fupa for dime bags hidden in the folds, get the product, and bounce.

I can’t tell if this guy got beat up by 2 women, or if Betty Bald Spot is just a dude who can’t afford a haircut.

Either way, Roast Beef Rhonda has been studying the techniques of African wild dogs and wasn’t letting go of his head.

The best part is how all the neighbors just stood there and watched like this was just a normal Tuesday afternoon in the hood.

At least this guy brought his leafblower in case the wildlife got too close while he read some text messages.

On the bright side, mid day junkie beatdowns can’t make your property value any lower when most of the homes in your neighborhood use plywood board for curtains, and Price Chopper shopping carts for lawn decorations.

Anyway, it’s probably a long shot but if anyone can identify the pajanimals in this video feel free to email [email protected], or message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook.



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