Governor Baker Says He Would Support Independent Investigation Into Mikayla Miller’s Death, Despite Already Being Ruled A Suicide By Medical Examiner


Breaking News – Charlie Baker has bought into the baseless, debunked, bullshit lies from Monica Cannon-Grant and is asking the Attorney General’s Office to investigate Mikayla Miller’s death.

Charlie Baker is one of the most useless, pandering toolbags in the history of politics. He’s a “republican” who constantly wants to please democrats, and he thinks that this will accomplish that. He clearly has not read a thing about this case, because had he done so he would know that the medical examiner ruled that she killed herself.

Case closed.

Marian Ryan is an independent District Attorney

The medical examiner for the state was an independent professional with no stake in the outcome.

Everything about this investigation has been independent, so what exactly is the AGO going to do? And how are they any more “independent” than the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office? These are questions Charlie Baker would ask if he actually cared about truth, but instead he just blurted the first thing that came to his mind because he figured it would appease liberals. It’s the only thing he knows how to do.

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The only reason this story has any legitimacy is because the mainstream media continues to provide cover for Monica Cannon-Grant. If they had bothered to report on her long and documented history of racist and violent threats on social media, then Governor Baker wouldn’t pay her any mind. Instead they have legitimized her, and so has Baker. Now Monica Cannon-Grant will likely be using Charlie Baker’s words to demand an “independent” investigation. In doing so Baker and Monica are both still insinuating that the 5 innocent children who have been slandered by this woman may have killed her.


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