Grafton Rapper Daddy Attempts To Prove That He Didn’t Write 13 Year Old Daughter’s Race Baiting Facebook Post By Sending Copy Of Paper He Wrote For Her 8th Grade Class


The other day we published a blog about a Grafton mother and father who claimed that their daughter, who writes like a college graduate, wrote a long post about how she’s the victim of racism at Grafton Middle School and asked her parents to post it on Facebook.

  • indubitably
  • My identity was invalidated
  • the school is too impotent
  • acrimony
  • Teaching apocryphal versions of history is perilous to all students’ minds and gives them false ideas of reality and openly negates the injustice minorities have endured
  • origin of my insecurities
  • I constantly tried to avoid any reason for my peers to suppress me in negative stereotypes
  • Going through life knowing that in the past, present, and future black people in America are oppressed holds authority over myself
  • I have had countless amounts of teachers express to me that my pain wasn’t substantial

Obviously none of those cartoonish things happened, and no one would ever be dumb enough to believe that 13 year old girls use words like that, but their idiotic friends blindly went along with it anyway because Jussie Smollett has taught us all nothing.

I pointed out that the father, Stefan “South Side” Jones, was an aspiring rapper who was arrested in 2013 for shooting a man in front of his children during a botched home invasion, and got caught because he left his cell phone behind which had access to his Facebook page.

Stefan isn’t pleased that I called him out for being a liar and shared the link on his page.

To prove that his daughter actually wrote the Facebook post he also posted a paper she allegedly wrote a few days ago for one of her teachers called, “Why I believe that patriotism is hazardous.”


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Oh, I get it now. South Side Jones wrote the Facebook post. It all makes sense now. The guy kind of gave it away when he had a copy of his 13 year old daughter’s English paper readily available to distribute on social media just in case someone accused her of not writing the post. Someone should probably tell him that nobody would ever believe that a 13 year old child would write these things, that just so happen to fall in line completely with his world view:

“I deem that participating in patriotism in a defective country will stimulate more negative outcomes.”

“This form of Patriotism instills a feeling of supremacy and power.”

“Jingoism is not only a motivation to aggressiveness and war, but also a cause in declining help and service to other countries due to the intense disdain towards them.”

“This so called unity was really more of an excuse for Islamophobia and racism without having to face consequences.”

“a direct reaction of the internalized jingoism programmed into the brains of Americans.”

“It is extremely vital to remember that America was specifically designed for white people, despite the fact that it’s contentious to some.”

“It is utterly immoral to expect minorities to fight for a country that doesn’t protect them, to care for a country that isn’t kind to them, to be prideful for a country that does not want them.”

“I am assured that the patriotism in the United States incites a further adverse country, advises cockiness and the lust for supremacy among its people, and glamorizes injustice, carrying corrupt expectations towards the groups of people America has wronged the greatest.”

Newsflash Ja Fool – your daughter wasn’t alive for 9/11. Therefore she would have no recollection whatsoever of the “internalized jingoism” Americans had programmed into their heads after the terrorist attacks. You obviously do though, which is why you wrote this paper for her. And instead of just letting your kid be a kid you’re brainwashing her with your self-victimizing nonsense, teaching her that she can never be anything on her own because of racism, stunting her growth academically by doing her work for her, and dragging her into your pissing matches on Turtleboy. Great father right there.

His friend’s all seemed to agree that the girl wrote it though, and that I was the problematic person here.


His Mom and some others accused me of not believing that a child wrote those words, simply because that child is black.

“They assume that because they’re average that you must be too, and even less than if you’re black.”

“He’s surprised that she’s so smart considering her background.”

No genius, it’s not that I don’t believe she wrote it because she’s black. It’s that I don’t believe she wrote it because she’s 13. And 13 year olds do not write like that. Obviously. As for her “background,” she lives in Grafton, and her gang banging daddy luckily wasn’t around to see some of her formative years after being arrested.

After that he messaged me on Facebook and has agreed to come on the live show. It began with him spamming me with his rap music.

Because he’s really desperate for someone to listen to him. Anyone will do. It’s really artistic stuff though. Mostly him saying the n word, threatening to shoot people, giving the middle finger to the camera, and smoking blunts with his homies. Like this one, with a whopping 290 views.

Totally not a walking cliche. Good thing this man in his late 30’s is so deeply invested in his craft. He’s clearly going places.

Then he sent me a screenshot about how he was allegedly found not guilty for the home invasion, along with a copy of the paper he wrote for his daughter.

Ohhhh, I see now. His phone was planted by…..someone…at the scene of an armed robbery where witnesses said that he shot a man. Does this look like the kind of man who’s dumb enough to leave his cell phone behind during a home invasion?

He had proof that the girl actually wrote the paper though….

Her teacher’s name was on it.

Case closed.

He then said that he could offer more proof, but I’d have to put some money up first to see it.

He did say he’d come on the live show tonight, so click here to subscribe and tune in at 9 to see what he’s got to offer.


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