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Grafton Residents Call Police, Demand Accountability After Misinterpreting Ben Franklin Quote As Death Threats Toward School Committee Members


This is Dan Cusher from Grafton.

We published a blog about him in 2020 after he attacked the owner of a small business in town who made a joking comment about the undeniable fact that Kamala Harris slept with powerful men in order to get where she is today.

As we will see in this blog, jokes are Dickety Dan’s kryptonite.

People like Dan are not actually offended by anything. They just pretend to be if you criticize the ruling class. Communists like this have no interest in your apologies, which is why you must never apologize to them. Their goal is for you to be silenced and removed from public life.

The primary community Facebook group is Grafton is called All Things Grafton, but the administrators of this group are liberals who don’t allow alternative points of view on the forum. As a result another page called the Grafton Group was started for conservatives and free speech proponents. The fact that another group like this exists enrages communists like Dan Cusher because they don’t want you to be able to talk at all. So rather than just ignore that private group, Dan Cusher chooses to monitor it until he find something he can pretend to be offended by. Yesterday he posted screenshots in All Things Grafton, that he found in the Grafton Group, claiming they were death threats against left wing School Committee members.

These were the comments made by a guy named Justin, that allegedly were threats:

You’ll notice the laughing emojis, because that’s what normal human beings do when they read a joke on social media. But humorless queefs like this have no tolerance for unapproved jokes.

“Three people can keep a secret it two of them are dead,” is a Benjamin Franklin quote.

Franklin was known for his wit and satire, so this is a common phrase people use when they’re joking around about the inability of people to keep secrets.

But according to Dan Cusher you are “complicit” if you are one of the 800 members of the group who sees harmless jokes like this and doesn’t make demands for more censorship. According to him there must be “social consequences” for making jokes like this, because at the end of the day communists want you to be imprisoned and/or destitute for vocalizing wrong-think.

For some reason 2 members of the School Committee and a teacher decided these threats were directed at them. This is Jen Vacca.

We blogged about the Marlborough Kindergarten teacher a couple times in the past when she called the police on kids for taking prom pictures without masks on at the Grafton Common, shamed local businesses for not showing up to protest with BLM, and ran a Twitter account with thousands of followers called @LiberalVenom that used vulgar language to attack and demean conservatives, while bragging about indoctrinating 5 year olds with communist propaganda.

She also made headlines last June when she signed a pledge that she would continue to indoctrinate her Kindergarten students with critical race theory, even if the government made it illegal.

She teaches her students that Thomas Jefferson’s biggest contribution to our nation was separating and enslaving black people, and that Lincoln was a bad person because he favored colonization.

People like this are a much bigger danger to our nation than COVID or Vladimir Putin could ever be.

She also refers to parents who don’t want their children to be forced to wear an ineffective cloth mask for 8 hours a day as “these people.”

Because that’s what communists like her think of normal people like you. They pretend that you are filthy, subhuman scum, and that you represent a threat to their well being and safety. But what you really represent is a threat to their power, and they’re scared of you for that reason.

Although no one mentioned Jen Vacca in the Ben Franklin post she still assumed it was about her, announced on Twitter that the people in the Grafton Group were trying to kill her, and called the Grafton Police she tried to defund last year.

She couldn’t believe the officer wanted to ask her questions about the people she claimed were trying to kill her. Just shut up and make her a victim.

This is School Committee member Amy Marr.

As you can see, she is a model of health and fitness and knows much more than you do about public health. For instance, you have to get the vaccine because even though it doesn’t stop anyone from getting or transmitting COVID there are some people who don’t have the vaccine.


She proudly abuses her own children with a mask, therefore you should have to as well.

Because, healthy.

She also refuses to go to public meetings in person even though her vaccine and mask work, and wants them to be remote for eternity.

And she believes that Putin is invading Ukraine to tank the American economy to hurt President Biden’s reelection chances.

Don’t worry dear, Joe took care of that WAY before the invasion.

Amy assumed the Ben Franklin joke was about her so naturally she also called the police, who told her that under the law Ben Franklin quotes don’t qualify as threats unless you’re King George.

Here’s an idea Amy. If you occasionally left your home to do this thing called “exercise,” you’d be a lot healthier and you wouldn’t have to worry about a virus with a 99.9% survival rate.

Then there was School Committee member Laura Often, who attended a maskless super spreader event with other School Committee members from around the state in November while kids in Grafton were forced to mask up.

Despite literally trying to murder your grandmother at this event, Laura had the perfect solution to the imaginary death threats against her.

Kindness week. Because we are governed by children.

Meanwhile in the comments section this guy by rule had to show up and say something stupid.

Ed Prisby is a disgraced former Selectman in Grafton who resigned after we exposed him in 2020 for not wearing a mask in a liquor store in violation of his own mask mandate, prompting this drunken Facebook Live from his office in which he called me a “f***ing prick” when turtle riders called him out for being a knob.

When they say “kindness week” they really mean “we shit on you and you sit there and take it.”

After seeing the Ben Franklin joke Ed Prisby decided it would be wise to suggest that the public could no longer trust the police because they might’ve seen the joke and not arrested the guy who posted it.

A serious question from a serious person.

He tagged Town Administrator Evan Brassard, hoping that all police officers in that group would be fired, and Brassard agreed that this was a serious issue.

Imagine being a grown man and publicly posting that a Ben Franklin quote makes you scared for your life? No wonder he wants to change the $100 bill.


One brave woman stood up and pointed out that it was obviously a joke, but this was no joking matter for the people of Grafton.

All jokes must first be approved by this….whatever.

Then zey can come out of zeir safe space and frolic.

Shawn Matthews wanted to know “how much more joking” the town would allow against people he agrees with politically, while Rachel Gerstein argued that jokes she did not approve of were not acceptable.

Because I for one think we should live in a world where these are the people who decide what we can and cannot make jokes about.

Shawn and Tracy Kaufman wanted to rally around the elected leaders, who were never mentioned, because those in power must never be satirized.

Chantelle Kimball pointed out that simply being a member of the group meant you were guilty of attempted murder.

Anyone in the bad group should be banned form the good group.

Finally there was Justin Wood.

This overweight Chris Watts noticed that State Rep David Muradian (a moderate Republican) was in the bad group, and although he doesn’t comment Justin still thought that Muradian owed him an explanation for why he hadn’t left the group yet.

But he sent screenshots! SCREENSHOTS!!

Muradian humored him by sending a reply, telling this grown man that he doesn’t live on social media, but for the record he doesn’t condone threats.

Dickety Dan did NOT approve of that level headed response.


Don’t worry though, he’s not “absolutely disgusted” at all. He just doesn’t like Muradian because he’s a Republican and therefore stands in the way of monopolistic one party rule by the communists. This is just the sort of theatrics communists use to try to force their world view on you because they are devoid of facts and logic, and they hope that by pretending to be offended you will back down.

What Dan claims he wanted was “accountability” from Muradian.

And by that he means, “bow down to your communist overlords and do everything we demand.”

Muradian’s first mistake was responding to these people at all. Communists don’t ask you for comment in good faith. They don’t actually care what you have to say.  Never, ever back down to these people. Do the exact opposite. Mock them, laugh at them, and offend them. They are your enemy, and they will destroy you any chance they get. Don’t forget that.


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