Greater Lawrence Family Health Center Mental Health Worker Says He Hopes Kyle Rittenhouse Kills Himself, Tells People To Shoot Christians And Gun Owners


This is David Wilensky, a Clinical Social Worker at Greater Lawrence Family Health Center. 

David’s job is to deal with people who have mental health issues and other behavioral disturbances, but his Trump Derangement Syndrome remains untreated.

Clinical social workers are supposed to be welcoming of all people, and not judgmental. However, if you are a conservative or a Christian he believes that you are a mortal threat to all non-Christians.

Despite not having any children in school David also doesn’t believe that concerned parents should have the right to show up at School Committee meetings and object to racism and pornography being pushed on their children by teachers.

“Believe insane conspiracies.”

Five years ago if you told David that Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and dozens of other rich and powerful men were flying to an island owned by Jeffrey Epstein to have sex with underaged girls he would’ve called you insane. And since when is it OK for mental health workers to go around using clinical terms like “insane” so loosely in order to delegitimize and stigmatize his political adversaries?

David routinely uses Facebook to belittle those who believe in God. Last week he shared a post and mocked Ahmaud Arbery’s mother for using the guilty verdicts as evidence that God is real. Someone who appears to have lost a child shared her thoughts and David immediately attacked her while claiming that he was the victim of name calling.

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“There is no difference between throwing virgins in volcanoes to appease the weather gods and sitting in a pew on Sunday reading out loud from a book.”

This is a man whose job it is to be non-judgmental, openly mocking billions of people who believe in God by equating them people who throw virgins into volcanoes. Greater Lawrence Family Health Center is apparently OK with this. 

Last week he shared his thoughts on the Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty verdict by mocking a boy suffering from PTSD who had a panic attack on the stand while being forced to relive a traumatic event in which he defended himself from a 5 time child rapist, a domestic abuser, and an Antifa rioter who pointed a gun at his face.

Mental health workers should not be mocking those who are suffering from mental health issues.

Despite the fact that a jury determined unanimously that Rittenhouse did nothing wrong and acted in self defense this mental health worker still openly wished that Rittenhouse “never know a moment’s peace.”

He also removed a post in which he urged people to shoot Christians, white people, and gun owners, because they are somehow a threat to innocent people.

Just a reminder that this man is a clinical social worker, and you don’t have to fear Kyle Rittenhouse as long as you don’t try to chase him down, bash him with a skateboard, and try to steal his gun so you can kill him.

Nonetheless David’s expert medical diagnosis is that this completely innocent young man will kill again, so he hopes that Rittenhouse’s “every moment is torture for the rest of his life until he confesses.”

Confesses for what? He admits that he shot that 5 time child rapist Joe Rosenbaum. Why is David Wilensky concerned with Rittenhouse’s mental state, but shows no concerns for the long lasting psychological damage caused by Rosenbaum anally and orally raping 5 boys between the ages of 9 and 11? Why is David Wilensky so adamant on supporting a child rapist? Does he support child rape? Perhaps he can do a self diagnosis and get to the bottom of that.

Oh, and he even went so far as to say that he hopes Kyle Rittenhouse kills himself.

“Hopefully he’ll kill another person, specifically.”

I can only infer that he’s saying that he hopes that the next person Rittenhouse kills is himself. But it’s inappropriate for a clinical social worker to suggest that he HOPES Rittenhouse kills anyone.

It looks like David hasn’t had to go into the office in over a year until he went to go get his booster the other day.

Sure, it gave him body aches and shivers.

But you’re the crazy person for believing in God and thinking the vaccine isn’t effective. Just shut up and get your 4th booster so the government can put you in the database and allow you to be free, you wacky conspiracy theorist!

David is also a BLM supporter who fantasizes about calling unarmed black teenagers the n word and then killing them.

He hates the Confederate flag too.

Which I don’t disagree with, since I don’t support symbols of treasonous nations that only existed in the minds of terrorists who launched a war against the United States of America. But it doesn’t appear as if he’s that offended by the flag after all.


The bottom line is that this man has no business working in healthcare, never mind working with mental health patients. He is an open and unavowed bigot, and Greater Lawrence Family Health Center must explain whether or not they support his bigotry. Feel free to ask them about it on their Facebook page


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