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Griswold Mom Helps Stepson Who Diddled Her 14 Year Old Daughter Destroy Evidence, Doesn’t Report It To Police 


This is Brittany Schroth from Griswold, CT.

She’s a mother of 2 girls (8 and 14), who was arrested last week for tampering with evidence in relation to the child sexual assault investigation into a man named Andrew Medrano. It barely made the news, and this post on WINY Radio didn’t have a single comment reaction.


But what that post didn’t mention was that the sexual assault victim is her 14 year old daughter, and that Andrew Medrano is her stepson. This is Brittany’s boyfriend John Medrano, Andrew’s father.

Obviously he just oozes sex appeal.

And thus she could not afford to lose him. Who else would she pound Busch Light with and let her ride on the back of a motorcycle?

They’ve only been dating around a year, but when she found out that Bobby Busch Light’s 24 year old son Andrew was playing doctor with her daughter, she felt the need to protect the chomo instead of her kid. Who could’ve ever guessed that this walking ball of Crisco would be the kind of creeper who tried to diddle his 14 year old stepsister?

No 14 year old could resist the smell of diesel fuel and Ritz crackers that no doubt emanates from his pores, as he oddly resembles the landlord’s son who turned in Richard Kimball to Chicago PD.

Brittany also knew about this since February because her daughter came to her with it, but instead of telling the police she decided to confront Queef Jerky and have him delete all his messages with her daughter. Unfortunately for the Griswold Grundlehog her daughter ended up going to another family member who actually gave a shit about her and wanted to protect her from a Queef Jerky’s diddling digits.

According to the warrant for Schroth’s arrest filed in state Superior Court in Danielson, a relative of a 14-year-old girl reported to police on Feb. 5 that the teen had been sexually assaulted around Christmas 2021 by Andrew Medrano. Records show Plainfield police arrested Medrano on May 4, charging him with second-degree sexual assault and two counts risk of injury to a child, all felony offenses. He has not entered a plea to those charges, court records show, and is free on a promise to appear in court. Detective Caleb Schwarz wrote in the arrest warrant that when he contacted Schroth the same day as the assault was reported, she “reported that she had known of the sexual assault since Feb. 1, 2022. Brittany indicated that she decided not to notify” the relative who reported the assault “nor the police and confronted Andrew about the situation,” Schwarz wrote in the warrant’s affidavit. Schroth also told the detective that she “went through the victim’s phone” and “deleted all messages between the victim and Andrew

According to sources we spoke with Brittany also blamed her daughter for enticing him by wearing skimpy clothing, just in case it wasn’t clear what a horrible mother she is. Luckily for both of her children DCF placed them in the home of a family member who actually gives a shit about them. I guess that’s one way to show her kids “what a family is truly about.”

That qualifies as a marriage proposal in Connecticut. When you find out your spawn is the victim of sexual assault make sure you protect her abuser, delete all the evidence, force her to continue to be around him, and the propose to the diddler’s father in a Facebook post.

So what does a trailer trash DCF Mom do when the DCF Fairy done stole her kids? Start breeding puppies to sell of course!

Because turning your dog into a gestation factory is the easiest way for guttermuppets like this to make a quick 5 to 10 G’s. Hopefully her kids can find a forever home too, far away from her.


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