Group That Mocks Diane Kelly’s PURR Cat Cafe Evicts TB Because Of Menopause Joke, And It’s Only OK When They Do It


The PURR Cat Cafe finally recognized the work we’ve done this week on Facebook, as it appears as if Diane polished off another box of Franzia.

Diane, you still have an open invitation to come on the live show and share your side of the story. You can say whatever you want and there are no rules. If you’d like to get the real story out there instead of pretending to be a cat on Facebook you are more than welcome to join us whenever you want.

The irony here is that the people who have been after Diane Kelly the most formed a Facebook group, and they hate us more than anyone. Evidently because we disagree on other topics we are not allowed to briefly agree that a drunk abusing cats is a bad thing. Also, they think Bristol and SSTG aren’t real, which is why I had Bristol on the live show last night to talk about how not real she is.



It began with this post.

This group was organized to mock Diane Kelly and her hilarious antics. It’s OK when they do it, but when we do the exact same thing it’s not OK, because these people don’t have it in them to admit that they agree with us about anything. When they do it it’s virtuous, when we do it it’s defamatory. Thank you for clearing that up Sam. You seem like a fun person to hang out with.

A woman who was not familiar with our work asked people what was wrong with Turtleboy.

Then the fun began.

Drew, you know we are neither racist or misogynist. Our biggest story this week exposed racist football coaches, all of whom lost their jobs because of the blog. It was also written by a woman, which seems to go against the misogyny claim. I will not stoop to your level Drew. Sure, I could point out that you don’t have a single black person in any of your Facebook pictures so you’re probably the racist here, or I could try to say that you look like the love child of Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill.

But I would never do that. I would however, urge you to read TBDN with an open mind and understand that we are very committed to social justice while championing the rights of women and racial minorities.

Emily Sandler said that we “doxxed and harassed a rape victim” though. Of course this isn’t true, and it’s not cool to make up lies like that. For instance, I would never suggest that because Emily exclusively socializes with white women that it means she’s an avowed white supremacist.

Because that would be uncalled for.

It appears as if she’s getting her information from a previously featured TB fire gypsy named Aeyo Odinflame.

We first met Aeyo 3 years ago after her friend started leaving negative reviews on all of our advertiser’s Facebook pages, even though he’d never been to them. Turtle riders responded in kind by giving his business one star reviews and Aeyo, who clearly doesn’t understand the concepts of irony or hypocrisy, couldn’t believe they would do this to a guy who was intentionally and maliciously interfering in our business.





Charlotte McFarland is associated with this group of people, and we all know how mentally balanced she is. But if Aeyo would like to sit down and find common ground I would be honored to meet her for a cup of coffee at the organic coffee shop of her choice.

A woman named Sema, who seemed vaguely familiar with TBS but wasn’t a diehard turtle rider, wanted to know which TB blogs were bigoted and why. The response from Drew was illuminating.

He’s a bigot by being a bigot. Because I said so. Oh, Drew. I think you’d really like me if you gave me a chance. Let’s do lunch.

Anything specific?

Yea, we always write blogs that target people for being Jewish and/or black. Remember that one blog? There was a guy who was obeying the law and wasn’t acting ratchet at all. But he was black so we made fun of him anyway. Awesome blog.

Oh wait, Drew was just making that up again because he doesn’t have actual examples. Come on Drew, you’re better than that! Let’s go out for perms!

But according to him the blogs SSTG did about PURR were bad because they were personal attacks.

Also, it’s OK when his friends make fun of Diane because they’re not “based in misogyny or being monetized.” In other words, it’s OK to mock her if you declare yourself to be a male feminist and aren’t profiting off of it.

Sema was confused though, because most of our articles actually expose people doing bad things. Plus, I didn’t write the PURR blogs (I’m not as talented as SSTG).


But evidently SSTG is a misogynist because she made a menopause joke.

Michaela, I feel so bad for you. You are going through life pretending to be offended by things you’re not really offended by. It seems exhausting. Obviously you’re not really offended by the fact that a woman mentioned the M word in a satirical manner. You know it’s ridiculous that you called a woman a sexist because she did that. Yet you bend over backwards to try to take offense anyway. Let’s go out for smoothies sometime.

Some might think it’s silly to say that a woman is a misogynist, but luckily Drew was here to mansplain those thoughts away.

Thank you Drew, for explaining to a woman why she hates women. What would the world do without white men telling women how to think?

Nicole Levay did have examples of our bigotry though.

So she likes that Turtleboy published a blog about a level 3 sex offender working to build an elementary school in Marlborough, but it’s completely out of line that we made jokes about him being cross eyed.

If your moral outrage about Turtleboy revolves around the things we say about people who rape children, you may want to reevaluate your priorities. They would never do such things where she works at WHDH, where she works.

Even though her station had a chance to expose what Diane was doing and chose not to. They’re the still the good guys here because they don’t make jokes about cross eyed child rapists.

Drew cracked the case that TB Daily News is run by the same people as Turtleboy, because he did an IP search.

Well, yea, of course it’s owned by the same company. That’s why we created the site – it’s a clean version of Turtleboy. But no, they don’t trace back to the same IP address. My web developer made TB Daily News in Greenfield, and I made Turtleboy in Worcester. Also, we have multiple bloggers logging in from different IPs so it would appear as if you are lying again Drew. But it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. You’re just trying to impress your friends because you’re in group mentality. I’m sure if we spoke one on one you’d be much more reasonable.

I woke up and found out I was kicked out of that group after the YouTube Live show, but I screenshotted some other comments in there before leaving. I’ll just leave them here.

“We called the Boston Globe, WBZ and other mainstream trash, and none of them wanted to write about it. So we’re mad that Turtleboy was the only one that did because Turtleboy is hate speech, even though we agree with him.”

That about sums it up.


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  1. Wow this woman is DISGUSTING. THANK YOU TB for putting this out there. WHAT ARE THE POLICE WAITING FOR THOUGH?? She’s admitted to felony abuse and neglect and is basically saying she is going to murder that child when she gets her chance. The father is also LOWER then LOW for allowing this to continue!!!! I WOULD HAVE LEFT THAT UGLY BITCH the minute I found out she even looked at my daughter with any resentment…. wow wow wow I have no words. In addition to the felony abuse and neglect she could and probably should be arrested for: Attempted extortion, insurance fraud (for messing up that woman’s insurance), harassment, stalking, and slander!!! I know this can’t be it? what else am I missing??? AND ITS DEFINITELY THE SAME WOMAN messaging you and Denise as we can tell by her awful grammar & vocabulary as well as shitty sentence structure!

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