Hack Judge Overrules Good Judge After Rachael Rollins Spent All Week Smearing His Good Name For Enforcing The Law On Antifa  


There’s been an update to last week’s story about Judge Richard Sinnott denying Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins’ motion to dismiss charges against the Antifa protesters who assaulted police officers at the straight pride parade last weekend.

The bad guys win this round because the one judge in Massachusetts who actually tried to enforce the law was overruled by a hack judge (Frank Gaziano) on a higher court (also appointed by Charlie Baker) who wanted to side with Rollins and her Antifa friends. I’m not a legal expert or anything, but this to me strikes me as rather poopy, legally speaking.

Rollins has not only been trying to go above Judge Sinnott’s head after she didn’t get her way in court, she’s also been attempting to smear his character by misrepresenting an incident he was involved in in 1980.

Oh look, it’s the District Attorney sharing an excerpt from a Globe article about Judge Sinnott having a “brush with the law” over a shooting on City Hall Plaza. Notice she doesn’t share the screenshots with the pertinent details about how he shot the main in self defense.

Because that’s the kind of person Rachael Rollins is. She thinks that law abiding people who protect themselves are the bad guys, and she equates them with Antifa terrorists who assault cops and block public roads because some people have different political opinions than they do.

This woman is a menace, but we are stuck with her. Please, spare me the “vote her out” nonsense. People like Rollins, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib all win over 80% of the vote, because as Nancy Pelosi once said, “a glass of water could win in those districts with a D next to its name.” She won with over 80% of the vote, because Suffolk County is by and large filled with people who like Antifa, and Antifa assaults conservatives, which they by and large support. Antifa does their dirty work and saves them a trip to the courthouse while they cheer it on in the comment section.

Rachael Rollins is a walking adverisement for the electoral college. If we had a national popular vote then politicians would cater to the cities. And the cities overwhelmingly elect people like her and Bill de Blasio. A national popular vote would turn the United States of America into Meth Mile and Antifa would be given the presidential medal of freedom. Hard pass on that one.


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