Hadassah Admits In Interview To Forcing Special Needs Woman To Give Her $800 A Month For Rent, Says I Pretended To Be A Cop And Made Son Cry


We have acquired an audio interview with Hadassah Robeson, the owner of the Gan Rivkah Shelter, who is under immense pressure now that her 501c3 has been revealed to have engaged in deception and arguably fraud. I condensed the 46 minute interview down to a 7 minute video of some of her more memorable quotes. Part 6 comes Monday.

Here’s some allegations made by Hadassah.

  • Aidan told David he was an investigator. David thought he was helping a police officer.

I told Russell (that’s his name) that I was a reporter investigating the GRC. He knew exactly who I was, where I worked, and was more than willing to tell me that he was having his rent and car payments paid for out of the GRC account.

  • My son is now laying in bed sobbing.

No he’s not. Stop infantilizing your grown son.

  • She says she spends $300 a week in groceries and $700 for rent at Karma Cafe

Food is not kept in large quantities at the GRC since there’s no industrial fridge. When people order food Vladimir runs to Stop n Shop to get it. Either way, these are business costs, and have nothing to do with the shelter.

  • The 34 year old resident her adult son slept with was “flirting with David and being inappropriate and I asked her to stop.”

She’s still blaming the woman while infantilizing her son, as if he played no part in it. She asked the woman to stop but not her son, who allegedly was there as “night security,” and was living there for free.

  • The woman he slept with denied it but Hadassah picked up her phone and saw the “most disgusting text messages I’ve ever seen.”

Why is Hadassah going through private text messages on residents’ phones?

  • “I will start telling David and Cassandra they can’t help me anymore and I will have to hire someone and pay them.”

Yes, generally when you own a business you have to hire people and pay them. Exchanging free labor from your children in exchange for free rent is not how you run a legitimate business.

  • “David is a child 22, not an adult 22. He’s never had a girlfriend.”

There’s no such thing as a “child 22.” Twenty two year olds are adults. David was a grown man and knew exactly what he was doing. In no way, shape, or form is he a victim of a seductress older woman, and the fact that she was blamed while he had excuses made for him is disgusting.

  • She said that Cassandra and David both work at the shelter. Cassandra does the Facebook page and the website and all this stuff for the cafe. David works in the cafe at the kitchen and driving people around and doing everything he does, so that’s his donation to the shelter.

In other words, her kids are unemployed and she’s OK with that because they contribute to her grift. Updating a Facebook page isn’t a job, and the GRC Facebook page is hardly ever updated.

  • Hadassah said she had women who couldn’t get jobs because they’re not legal citizens so they helped by babysitting other people’s kids.

Well, this is a new twist – admitting to hosting undocumented immigrants, who she employed as slave labor in exchange for a roof over their heads.

  • “I get $800 a month for taking care of Jean in my home, and that pays for the mortgage payments.”

This is the most egregious thing she’s admitted to thus far – milking $800 a month off of a special needs woman under the guise that Hadassah is her caretaker at 18 Cedar Street. Gene was recruited to move in with her after being a resident at 16 Cedar Street so that the $800 a month would be permanent income for Hadassah. To my knowledge Hadassah has no background in working with special needs adults, and due to the fact that she’s running two “businesses” I can’t imagine how she finds the time to help this woman out.

  • “Cassie has only been living here for 3 years and she came here because she became homeless. Should I have sent my daughter to a different homeless shelter?”

We’ll get more into Cassandra in part 4, but to answer her question, yes, you should’ve told your 30 year old daughter that she wouldn’t be allowed to live rent free in a homeless shelter that you charge homeless women to live in.

  • “I’m such a fool, such an idiot. I should never have tried to do this.

This is the point where the other person was supposed to say, “no you’re not, you’re doing a great job.” But Hadassah was right. She never should’ve attempted to scam vulnerable women and generous donors.

  • “They’ve destroyed my reputation, they’re trying to destroy my children, and I understand it’s all my fault. I get it. I should be severely punished. I don’t think I should go to jail. That’s ridiculous, what would they charge me for? Having my kids stay upstairs rent free?”

You destroyed your own reputation, just as you’ve done in other places, which we’ll get to in Part 6. We haven’t “destroyed” your grown children either. We reported the facts which they provided to us voluntarily.

  • “The community acts like these “poor women” are being taken advantage of. Are you kidding me?”

Nope, dead serious.

  • “Before David and Cassandra were here there were women staying here, and I never asked for a donation.”

David admitted he’s been staying there since he was a teenager, and you’ve been asking for donations for years.

  • I feel like a complete failure.

You’re not a failure. A failure is someone who tried to do something right and fell short. Your goal the entire time was to con people out of money so that you and your family could live for free without getting real jobs. You were actually quite successful until we caught wind of it. If you hadn’t posted about your business being victimized by Eversource construction we likely never would’ve pursued this story.

  • “When I say I’m a life coach I teach cooking, I teach bed making. When they come here they don’t know how to make beds. I teach them how to make their beds when they come. That they should make their beds for they start their day.”

This is what she does – infantilizes adults. These women aren’t children. They know how to make beds. Regardless, when I was there none of the beds were made anyway, so that’s clearly a lie.

  • I teach budgeting classes.

Good grief.

  • Vladimir and I have been talking and we think we should shut the shelter down and I just rent the upstairs and downstairs.

If she follows through on this then all of our efforts were worth it.


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