Hanson Woman Slashes Multiple People With Machete For Asking Her To Stop Fornicating So Loudly In A Sharon Best Western Parking Lot 


EnterpriseA Hanson woman was held without bail Monday after police said she attacked three men with a machete in a hotel parking lot in Sharon following an altercation about loud sexual noises. Allison Maitland, 34, was arraigned in Stoughton District Court on two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon causing serious bodily injury and one count of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. She is due back in court Aug. 2 for a hearing to determine if she is a danger to the public.

A man who was with Maitland and involved in the fight, Sean Perry, 34, of Hanson was arrested Monday afternoon and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct. He is expected to be arraigned in Stoughton District Court Tuesday. Two of the victims remained in the hospital Monday morning with serious injuries, but were in stable condition, and talking to police.

Police said that the fight happened just before 1:30 A.M. Sunday morning at the Best Western at 395 Old Post Road, where officers found a bloody scene. Police said the assault began with a heated exchange outside of the hotel that turned violent. A New York family was getting back to the hotel from a wedding when one witness observed Maitland and Perry “being sexual in (a) car” and making loud noises, according to a police report filed with court.

One of the victims, a 31-year-old man, said “get a room” loudly enough for the pair to hear, according to a witness. Perry began to yell and curse at the victim who walked over toward the car. Perry brandished a knife in the car and then hopped out and got into a fist fight with the victim. The victim’s 26-year-old brother tried to break up the fight when Maitland jumped out of the car and began to “slash at everything in front of her,” according to a witness. The 59-year-old father of the two brothers was able to wrestle the machete away from Maitland, but not before she wounded the three men.

That right there is the face of a woman who would rather cut multiple people with a machete then be denied her God given right to climax in a Best Western parking lot. I don’t know what’s worse – the fact that they were so brazen in public parking lot outside of a place where you can rent a room and go to poundtown till the cows come home, or the fact that someone looked at that face and said, “I’m going to fornicate with this individual.”

Although I think the real question here is – does she always bring a machete with her when she’s planning on swapping love juices in a Best Western parking lot? Or did she just think Sharon wasn’t a safe enough place to show up unarmed?

Obviously this woman is insane, and she’s claiming she was defending the guy. And honestly, the fact that her face is splattered all over the news but his isn’t is pretty messed up. He was having loud sex in a public parking lot, he escalated it all by brandishing a knife when someone rightfully told them to get a room, and he chose to engage them in a fight rather than just drive away. Without him this woman never would’ve made the ill-fated decision to slash multiple with a machete like she was hunting Vietcong.


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