Harvard Grad Tik Tok Influencer Threatens To Kill Anyone Who Says All Lives Matter, Revels In Fame, Cries When She Gets Fired From New Job At Deloitte


Claira Janover is a recent Harvard graduate from Branford, CT, and a former high school track star.

She became a tik tok influencer and had over 100,000 followers. Her primary theme for her comedy is usually, “racist white people be so fragile.”

Earlier in the week she decided to go on Tik Tok and threaten to stab the next person who said “all lives matter” in her presence.


So I learned a new SJW buzzword today – caucasity. Turns out it’s not a real word, it’s just a way to make fun of white people for being white, because that’s all the rage these days.

She could’ve tried to pass that off as a joke if it weren’t for the fact that you could feel the anger seething out of her social justice pores. These people are so obsessed with policing people who say “all lives matter” that they’ve reached the point where they’re ready to start stabbing anyone who doesn’t get in line and say the magic words – BLACK LIVES MATTER!! This is yet another example of how BLM is in fact a cult.

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Her video was passed around Twitter for a couple days because people love watching a dumpster fire like this. The fact that she was a Harvard grad who had a good job lined up at Deloitte, one of the biggest accounting firms in the world, made it more shocking that she’d post something like that. She mocked and laughed at the people who were calling her out online, made fun of them because she assumed she was untouchable, and seemed to be enjoying her newfound fame.

That didn’t last very long.


“I know this is what Trump supporters wanted, because standing up for BLM put me in a place online to be seen by millions of people. The job that I worked really hard to get and meant a lot to me just called me and fired me. I don’t know if everyone’s seen but my black lives matter tik toks were picked up by conservatives and spread and shared and people demanded that I be fired. Which I just got. My job that I worked really hard for.”

Turns out in grown up world companies don’t have to retain you if you exhibit signs that you are a mentally unbalanced, murderous psychopath who could potentially kill someone if they say the wrong buzzword. But of course she blames Trump supporters and refers to her threat to murder people as “my black lives matter tik toks,” so clearly she thinks her actions had nothing to do with why she was fired.

It gets better.

This is what a Harvard graduate looks and sounds like. This is the school that’s produced countless American presidents, philosophers, inventors, scientists, and authors. And thanks to their obsession with social justice and diversity this is the kind of person who graduates from there now. The school that let in mediocre David Hogg but turned down the Parkland High School valedictorian because of old tweets from when he was 15. Let’s break down the stupidity.

“Trump supporters took my job away from me.”

No, you did this.

“I’ve gotten death threats, rape threats, violent threats.”

Cry more. No one cares. Everyone on the Internet gets death threats. It means nothing. As you like to say, “your white fragility is not my problem.”

“My future is entirely compromised because Trump supporters decided to come for my life.”

Your future is compromised because you threatened to kill people, which was intentionally done to be provocative.

“God this sucks. I’m too strong for you. I’m too strong for any of you.”

The ol, “I’ve overcome so much but I’ll never stop fighting” routine. Once again, none of this is her fault. She also ironically made a tik tok mocking the concept of cancel culture shortly before this.

“All lives matter, racist Trump supporters. It sucks, but it doesn’t suck as much as systemic racism.”

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! She just lost a great job with great benefits, but she thinks it’s not as bad as the imaginary concept known as systemic racism. That’s how brainwashed this cult is.

“And I’m not gonna stop using my platform to advocate for it.”

Stunning and brave.

“And I’m sorry Deloitte that you can’t see that. That you were cowardice enough to fight somebody who’s going to make an indelible change in the world and is going to have an impact.”

Yea for sure. Deloitte, a multi billion dollar corporation that exists to make money, will sure be lost without your tik tok death threats to people who say all lives matter. That was going to make them a lot of money. This is how highly these people think of themselves. They’re not kidding when they say that they believe their tweets and tik toks will save the world.

Not to fear though, because her friends started a GoFundMe.

Oh good, she was on a full scholarship to Harvard too. Must be nice to have all that privilege. I wouldn’t know, I’m just a white guy.

She had the world handed to her. A free education at a school that guarantees you can pretty much get a job anywhere. An entry level job at a huge accounting firm. And she threw it all away because being insanely woke was more important.

Some people on the right will say that we shouldn’t be celebrating cancel culture even when it happens to people like this. These people are spineless cowards who don’t understand how to win the game. I didn’t make the rules, her team did. But I will weaponize them against people like her and revel when they eventually get cancelled too.

P.S. The mob is trying to cancel Deloitte now too.


Let me know how that one goes.


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