Haverhill Mom Raises $3K To Get Away From Abusive Husband, Then Moves Back In Like Nothing Happened After Announcing She Actually Just Cheated


This is Stephanie Gillen from Haverhill.

She’s the mother of 5 with 3 baby daddies. The last 3 crotch fruits are product of her current husband Donald Gillen.

Last December they had to move out of their shitty apartment above a pizza place because the building had a fire the year prior and they were asked to move out but didn’t. Finally they had to move on and get a new rental. But by January, a month after moving into their new place, Stephanie’s son started sharing a GoFundMe on social media, alleging that she needed to get away from her abusive hubby. They ended up raising almost $3K.

According to her adult son (who is not Donald’s son) she tried contacting community help programs but no one ever got back to her, despite the evidence of domestic violence they brought forth. The people who donated did so because they thought they were helping her escape an abusive relationship.

After she was able to get away from him and move into a new place she thanked everyone and made her separation Facebook official with an announcement in February.

She posts a lot on Facebook but suddenly went radio silent for a while. Then two months later in April she was posting about how her and Donald just bought a new dog together in their old house.


Since then it’s been non-stop posts about new cats, weekend getaways, and inquiries about hiring a maid.

Then last week she posted about how Donald was the the most amazing husband and father.

Wait….what? Hold on just a second. What ever happened to that $3K to start a new life and get away from an abusive husband?

Turns out that was probably all made up. In reality she just got caught banging some other dudes and decided to leave him.

Newsflash – you are not required to post the most private and intimate things about your relationship on social media. Especially if you’re a 45 year old woman. If you gave a shit about your husband who works his ass off to support you and your litter of children, then the last thing in the world you would do is further emasculate him by announcing to the world that you took a ride on another man’s bologna baton. There’s just no need for the public to know that. You’re very lucky that he decided to take you back, and for that you should be thankful. But to then put it out there and make him look like a cuck is just salt in the wound. Also, your apology to the world means shit if you’re not donating each and every penny given to you.

Anyway, if this guy didn’t actually abuse her, which I highly doubt he did, then I feel bad for him because he’s being cucked for the good of the kids. The whole point of the GoFundMe was to paint him as a DOMESTIC ABUSER! Every single person who gave money to her was doing so because they wanted her to get AWAY from him. Imagine what that feels like? People hate you so much that they’re willing to give their hard earned money to help facilitate the destruction of your marriage. Then you take her back anyway and she repays you by constantly chronicling your life for likes on social media, and then announcing to the world that she was actually just slobbin some side knob the whole time. Did she even move out? Funny that her 2 months of living on her own she suddenly stopped posting on Facebook. We might have a Metro Narcissi 2.0 situation on our hands here.



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