“Healthy” Morbidly Obese 16 Year Old Boy Who Stayed At Home Dies From COVID


The mainstream media desperately wants us to believe that we should still be worried about COVID, despite their support for month long protests in cities across the country. Here’s a headline CNN put out today about the death of 16 year old Andre Guest.


The media desperately wants you to believe that COVID kills kids. If kids were dying this whole pandemic would be a whole different ballgame. But the fact is that it doesn’t. So they have to find obscure stories like this in Indiana to fear monger. This young man was morbidly obese. That’s the reason he’s dead. If health experts actually cared about the health of the American people they would be giving instructions on nutrition and exercise during COVID instead of telling us to stay at home and sit on our asses.

This kid did exactly what the “experts” told him to.

He never left the house. He “stayed the f*** home” to save lives. But the thing about lockdowns is that someone in the house has to venture out into reality. And when they do they can get the virus, bring it home, and spread it. It defeats the whole purpose of the lockdown. There’s no evidence lockdowns saved a single life, but there’s plenty of evidence like this that proves that the lockdown killed people. If this kid had been encouraged to go to the track and walk 2 miles a day he could’ve potentially killed the virus when he first got it. Or if we, as a society, had encouraged healthy lifestyles instead of promoting “body positivity” for people who were morbidly obese and unhealthy, perhaps he would not been as susceptible to the virus. Instead he sat at home and died.

Here’s the other big lie the media’s been pushing.

When you choose to pin a tweet to the top of your profile and it’s a tweet that you got ratioed on, you should just delete your account.

A couple black guys killed themselves by hanging, something millions of people have done before, and the media and BLM have been pushing the narrative that it must be lynching. They want people to believe that black guys are being killed and the KKK is having a huge revival so that you’ll donate to BLM and click on their stories. Except there’s always a perfectly good explanation for these things.

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