Heroin Dealer Franklin Baxley Sets Up Stripper Girlfriend To Be Beaten While He Films It Because She Stole Drugs From Him


We’ve been doing an in-depth investigation of the man behind the “Dog Park Diane” viral video, Franklin Baxley. The deeper we dig, the worse it gets.

You can catch up on Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 if you haven’t already.

We’ve already covered Franklin Baxley’s extensive criminal record in multiple states, his aggressive and threatening online behavior, and bewilderingly, his employment with Massachusetts non-profit, Criminal Justice Reform Coalition. As we’ve hinted at, though, numerous sources have confirmed that work is not his only, or even main, source of “income”.

As we know, Franklin has been charged with multiple counts of felony domestic violence stemming from an incident six to seven months ago, in 2018.

Let’s remember, he was employed with CJRC during this time. When confronted with these pending charges, Franklin has been extremely flippant and nonchalant, insisting they will be dismissed.

The “complainant”  AKA victim, is Kaila Oliveiri, a 25-year-old on again, off again girlfriend of Franklin’s, former Foxy Lady “entertainer”, and heroin addict.

And Franklin is so confident that he’ll get off scott-free in the case because he didn’t hit the girl himself. He’s somehow even more cowardly than that. He set the girl up for two other girls to beat her into the ground, under the guise of a ride home from the methadone clinic. Except, when she got out of the car, this happened:

As you can see, Franklin already had his phone out and ready to record the beat down before the first swing even connected.

He can be heard yelling, “who’s the sucker now, bitch?” and egging the fight on, not once intervening. He clearly was involved. After Kaila stole drugs his house,

He set her up to get beaten, gleefully recorded the whole thing, and sent it via the internet to her friends and family.

But the victim signed an affidavit, because despite the active “no contact order” imposed by the judge, they are currently back together.

And the reason is quite simple – she is a heroin addict, and according to several sources Franklin is still selling drugs.

These are people who all reached out independently, from all across the racial/gender board, who all tell the exact same story about Franklin. He is a dangerous drug dealer with a penchant for harassment and violence. His stripper drug addicted girlfriend robbed his house of drugs, and his response was swift and brutal, and entirely cowardly and calculated. Something he prides himself in, of course.

Is it becoming clearer to you why Grace Sandland called the police that day at the Attleboro dog park? Because it’s clear as day to me. Franklin may play the part of the well spoken, accomplished professional man part of his day, but he’s a full-time sociopathic career criminal scumbag who simply cannot abide by the law, or cease to provide us with threat after threat to screenshot and add in to these blogs.

The “Dog Park Diane” phenomena has forced us to look at our own subconscious biases in a way I personally never expected. We all looked at Grace Sandland – young, white, upper-middle class and attractive – and were willing to accept on these grounds that she must be irrational, histrionic and difficult enough to involve the police in such a seemingly minor dispute. Turtleboy included. We pride ourselves in our judgement, but we got this one wrong. We own it and we have taken steps to correct it. We unpublished the first two blogs we did on this, redirecting people who click on them to this series

Franklin’s race aside, we are all too willing to accept this stereotype of the Grace Sandland’s of the world, without much question. But, dig just a little bit deeper, and peel back the layers:

And an entirely new story emerges. If you haven’t been sharing these stories, please do. The entire media, our blog included, unfairly accepted Franklin Baxley’s narrative at face value, and Grace Sandland has suffered for it. If anyone deserves vindication, that woman does.

Stay tuned for another part to this series….we haven’t finished with Franklin yet, and you won’t believe what is coming out on him next.

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