High Risk Rockport Woman Upset With Chinese Restaurant For Not Banning Customers Who Took Masks Off 


This is Amy Master from Rockport.

She had a near death experience at a Chinese takeout place in town that she wanted to share with the community in a Facebook group, because a couple of scofflaws weren’t wearing masks and the owners of the business didn’t do enough to reprimand them.

Lady, you’re eating deep fried cream cheese covered in General Tsao sauce. I assure you that you’re much more likely to die from that then you are from COVID.

“The air will be infected with COVID.”

This is the world we are living in. People are mad at other healthy people for infecting the air.

“I tried talking to them and asking them to enforce masks but not having any luck.”

I can totally picture how that went. If there’s any business on earth that doesn’t give a shit about whiny Karens, it’s Chinese restaurants. They have no time for that nonsense, and are the only race of people who simply do not care about and are immune to hysterical race baiting and virtue signaling social justice warriors. You got your crab raccoon? Good. Now shut up, take your five fortune cookie, and get out.

It’s one thing when these coronabros try to shame people for not wearing masks, but if you’re going after the business owner who’s busy running a business and never signed up to be the mask police in the first place, then you’re just a twat.

“I love them but I am high risk so I’m warning others who are high risk to be aware that it may not be safe.”

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Living during COVID is made out to be like we’re all walking through a God damn minefield. If you’re “high risk” then you should sit in your house and never leave until this disappears. I’m done catering to these people whose lives are so precious that we all have to stop living ours in order to protect them. If you really thought COVID could kill you because a you’re “high risk,” then you’d never leave your house. But you don’t. You just get off on enforcing unwritten rules. It’s not my job to protect you. Plus, you’re wearing a mask anyway, and since masks obviously stop the spread then you have nothing to worry about.

A quick look at Amy’s Facebook page and you can clearly figure out everything you need to know about this clam.

This is apparently the black guy I’m supposed to care about this week. Just found out about him yesterday because he was executed for his role in kidnapping and torturing an Iowa couple in 1999, driving them around in the trunk of a car, stealing all their money, and then lighting the car on fire while they were still alive after shooting them in the trunk.

But according to Amy, Brandon Bernard was “murdered by the government,” when in fact he received justice. The fact that she’s more outraged at a Chinese restaurant and thinks people who don’t wear masks are worse than people who light people on fire in the trunk of their, tells me everything I need to know about her and the mask Nazis.


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