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Hingham Judge Allows Anti-Cop BLM Propaganda To Hang In Courthouse For Inclusivity Month, Anti-Cop Sheriff Candidate Vows To Remove Thing Blue Line Flag From Jail


Law enforcement is under attack all across the country, but nowhere does it appear to be stronger than in the Hingham area. This has become more evident with two ongoing situations this week – some new decorations in Hingham District Court, and the ongoing race between two people with the same last name for Norfolk County Sheriff.

This is Hingham District Court Judge Heather Bradley.

She’s married to former state rep Garrett Bradley, who got Deval Partick to appoint her as a judge in 2010, despite less than minimal qualifications.

At the time, she was making $47,000 a year in the forfeitures division of the Plymouth District Attorney’s Office. It’s the equivalent position to peeling potatoes in a restaurant kitchen. After her fourth pay raise in the past 18 months earlier this month, Heather now makes $184,694 a year. Which is fortunate for her, because Garrett appears to be in a world of hurt, legally speaking. Last week, a court-appointed special master, a retired federal judge, issued a report on $75 million Garrett Bradley’s law firm and two others got in a class-action settlement involving State Street Bank. Judge Gerald Rosen found the judge’s husband “guilty of professional misconduct” by overbilling and referred his alleged lies to the state Board of Bar Overseers “for consideration of appropriate discipline.” Try not to let this destroy your faith in the integrity of both the Massachusetts General Court and the state judiciary, but there is apparently also an ongoing federal criminal investigation.

It’s “inclusivity” month at Hingham District Court, and under her leadership members of the probation department were allowed to hang up anti-police signs all over the court’s lobby, saying that police are slave catchers who kill black people.

“In 2015 more black people were killed by police than lynched in the peak year of lynchings in the 1800’s.”

That’s just patently false. Less than 10 unarmed black people are killed by police last year, and all but one them were justified uses of deadly force.

More importantly, this is a court of law. Why is a judge letting signs go up that disrespect law enforcement? Why is she letting signs go up that accuse the system of being racist due to mass incarceration of black people? She’s a judge. It’s her job to sentence people to prison when they break the law. How can her judgement be trusted if she’s opposed to sending people to jail? Why is a courthouse advocating for black lives matter, which is a political group that wants to abolish prisons and police? If a BLM advocate who committed a crime has to face this judge, will they be given favorable treatment?

Meanwhile, one town over in Norfolk County there’s an interesting race going on for Sheriff involving two guys with the last name, one of whom supports law enforcement, and the other who does not.

Jerry McDermott is the incumbent Sheriff, and a well known supporter of the police. Two months ago he invited Cindy Chesna to raise the thin blue line flag at the Norfolk County Jail, to show that support.

“I have been paying attention to the news of what was going on in Hingham and I was really disappointed,” McDermott said in a phone interview Tuesday. “I have nothing but respect for the men and women who put their lives on the line every day and I wanted to give the flag that honors Chesna a place of prominence.”

The Democrat running against him with the same last name is Pat Mcdermott, a political hack from Quincy. At the 50:55 mark of this interview he flat out states that the flag has no business being raised at the jail, and whines about “systemic racism in the justice system.” These are BLM talking points.

This is Pat McDermott.

A cartoonish looking pyramid scheme protein shake salesman who wants to oversee law and order in Norfolk County.

Many corrections officers we spoke with tell us they’re upset that their union has come out in support of Pat McDermott, despite his obvious distrust of law enforcement. According to them the overwhelming majority of members wanted to endorse Jerry McDermott, but Pat has promised favors and raises to union bosses in return for their loyalty. On top of that, Pat McDermott was previously the Register of Probate, and while serving in that capacity was accused by the union multiple times of creating a hostile work environment.

Get a better union.

Pat McDermott is an anti-police thug consumed with white guilt who is ready to bow to the BLM mob and wants to run the jails in Norfolk County. In neighboring Plymouth County there’s a judge allowing BLM propaganda to be hung on the walls of the courthouse, vilifying police as slave catchers. It’s not enough simply to vote for Donald Trump on election day. You have to vote for people on the local level who support law enforcement and reject BLM.


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