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Hingham Police Chief Resigns After Mishandling Thin Blue Line Flag Controversy And Showing Up To Protest Police At BLM Rally


Hingham Police Chief Glenn Olsson resigned in disgrace today, just a week and a half after we published his pathetic emails, in which he gave into a college student named Max Giarusso who pretended to be offended by a thin blue line flag on a Hingham fire truck.


He admitted, when asked, that the flag controversy pushed him over the edge, as it should have. In this age of unprecedented attacks on law enforcement police need strong leaders who advocate for them more than ever. Gutless cowards like Glenn Olsson must resign. All he had to do was ignore the email, but instead he allowed a non-taxpaying semi-resident to dictate what flags the fire department was allowed to have on its truck.

Nothing sums up how useless this bootleg Chief Quimby is more than this video of him showing up to a BLM protest with a BLM sign, getting yelled at by the protesters while trying to plead with them that he’s on their side.

What the heck guys? I made a sign!!

You know he felt so good when he was sitting in his office writing that out in all caps with his black sharpie.

“Hey kids, I’m not like those other cops who won’t emasculate themselves for your approval. I’m one of the “good cops” who will bow to you even though you fundamentally reject everything about me because I have a badge and a gun.”

He also resigned because he knows that we know about a coverup he was involved in in June, involving the son of selectman Mary Power, who followed around a Hingham cop and harassed him with vulgarities while carrying a BLM sign. The incident report initially said that he was waving the sign while swearing and giving the finger to a cop who was trying to do his job. However, at the request of Mary Power the disgraced chief covered it up and reworded it as follows in the log.

Just that he was being followed. At this rate he can retire and come District Attorney of Worcester County. He already knows how to orchestrate coverups.

This is the son of the chairman of the Board of Selectmen, who allowed members of the community to call the Hingham Police white supremacists during a meeting. Her racist husband Dan showed up at a peaceful rally to support the police and swore at Rayla Campbell, a candidate for Congress, while others swore at Michael Chesna’s mother.

If the people of Hingham keep this tyrant in power then they’re well on their way to becoming Somerville. Local police supporter Dan Nardo has demanded her resignation.

If your town constantly appears on TB then they’re doing something wrong. Perhaps Hingham should stop making themselves a national joke and elect new leaders who won’t embarrass the community.


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